Saturday, 11 April 2009

High Tea at Sakae Sushi

Yesterday, my family went to Sakae Sushi for High Tea, at about 3.14 pm. We did not eat lunch. Everytime I go to a restaurant for buffet, I only pay for the child's price, for less than 12 years old, although I am almost 14. The waiter did not even ask, just assumed that I was in primary school. That is one advantage of being short. The nicest sushi there is not the sushi, but the brown wrapping beancurd as shown below. The most expensive one is the small red egg, which doesn't taste nice for me, also shown below. We could stay until 6pm, but my mother forced us to leave at 5.30pm. Anyway, I was so bloated that I would explode if I ate another of the small red egg. In the end, though we took 20+ plates of sushi, I still think it was not worth it as one's cost for dinner and lunch should be less than over $10 each, but we paid a total of about $80 for our family of 5 persons.

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