Thursday, 22 October 2009

Australian Math Competition Prize Presentation

The Australian Mathematics Trust Annual Awards Presentation was held at the Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel this evening. There were 9 of us who won the Peter O'Halloran Award for Excellence for getting perfect score in the Australian Mathematics Competition, 7 for Junior and 2 for Intermediate.

My sister won a Prize Award for the Australian Mathematics Competition (Intermediate) and Perfect Score for Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO).

The food was not palatable, only plain donuts, samosas, chicken nuggets, cake, coke, plain water, coffee and tea were served. Unlike last year, cash cheque was not given for Prize awards, which means I did not earn any money this round. Instead, I got a gold medal and a book voucher, and my sister got 2 book vouchers. These are neither Popular nor Borders book vouchers, but we have to pick one Maths olympiad book from a list and fax it to the University of Canberra in Australia.

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