Sunday, 25 December 2011

Random Thoughts on Math Olympiad Journey

This is posted by LJ's mum.

Contrary to what some people believe, I do not think it is necessary to start Math Olympiad (MO) training very early. Lim Min started to do MO in P6 when preparing for MO competitions (namely RIPMWC and SMOPS) that her primary school sent her to participate. Lim Jeck started in P5 when he was tasked to help solve some of the MO problems that Lim Min could not handle, and Lim Li started in P4 when she first took part in NMOS. I think it is important to have a strong foundation in Math basics before embarking on this MO journey, hence P4 or P5 might be a good starting point.

All three of my children did not attend any formal MO training when they were in primary school. They simply learnt from solving problems found in the competition solution books, with me and my husband providing occasional guidance on Math topics which are new to them. For Lim Min and Lim Jeck, formal olympiad training is mainly provided by their schools (RGS & RI and NUS High, respectively) and also by the SIMO trainers at NUS Math Dept (students are selected into SIMO Junior/Senior/National training teams based on SMO results).

Among my children, Lim Jeck is the most passionate and talented in Math/MO, and he can spend much of his free time creating original MO problems and solving them. In my opinion, NUS High, which specialises in Math and Science subjects, is a perfect fit for him. If he were to join a mainstream school, he might not have achieved what he had achieved so far or be able to reach his full potential, amid all the "distractions" like heavy humanities subjects, ‘O’ levels, JC project work, contrasting subject, General Paper and ‘A’ levels that he would have to grapple with. For Lim Min and Lim Li, I would reckon they are good but not exceptional at MO, and though their passion in Math/MO is there, it pales in comparison with Lim Jeck’s.

The MO journey is definitely an arduous one. Besides talent, I think one needs to have lots of passion, determination, perseverance and hard work to continue with the journey. Throughout the years, I have observed many top primary school MO winners fading from the MO scene once they got to secondary schools. I believe high school competitions are too competitive and the interest of these past winners diminish after they fail to clinch good awards. The MO journey also requires sacrifices. For instance, intensive IMO preparation will take away 4-6 weeks of school lessons (meaning, lots of catching up to do after any major competition). School holidays are also burnt, with training, and more training. But I guess if the child enjoys it, he/she will not resent it - this is akin to the working life: we would not dread going to work if our job happens to be our hobby! For Lim Jeck, it becomes a habit for him to frequent Mathlinks (Art of Problem Solving website), and as I mentioned before, he enjoys creating problems for others to solve, and solving problems posted by other Mathlinkers. That's why I feel we should never push our kids to pursue something they have no passion in, it won't work and both parents and children will suffer. But I strongly believe that as parents, it is our responsibility to carve out their niche areas or discover where their passions lie, and to encourage/support them by providing the necessary guidance and resources. In my case, it could be getting the relevant competition solution books and advanced level Math text/guide books, and encouraging my children to work on the questions prior to any competition. Once the child is on track, we can take a back seat (less prodding needed) and just let him/her cruise at a comfortable pace.

To excel in MO, I think being years ahead of your peers helps a lot. For Lim Jeck, the fact that he took part in SMO (Junior), AMC10 and AIME in P6 gave him an edge over those who came on board in Secondary 1. After being exposed to tough questions in AIME, it was natural that he would find the primary school level RIPMWC questions a piece of cake! Being exposed to challenging questions much above your level helps to build self-esteem and confidence to tackle challenging questions at your level. You know, in any competition or exam, the mindset is very important. If you think that you should be able to solve the questions, there is a high chance that you can solve them (like a self-fulfilling prophecy). As a MO competitor, Lim Li is very confident that there is no PSLE Math questions that she cannot tackle; if she did not get full marks for any school Math exam papers, it can only be due to carelessness or misreading of questions. Hence for Lim Li, just after her PSLE, she has started to work on many SMO (Junior) and SMO (Senior) questions. However, she is not in the same league as Lim Jeck, who had already worked on many SMO (Open) questions during his post-PSLE period.

About expectations on IMO, I think Lim Jeck was extremely fortunate to be able to secure a World #2 in this year's IMO (the Geometry Question 6 helped to seal his fate). I really do not expect him to repeat the same remarkable feat next year. Nevertheless it would be great if he could win another two Golds in 2012 and 2013, as a total of 3 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze would likely secure him a place in the World Top 10 positions, in the IMO Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

NUS 2011/2012 Semester 1 Exam Results

This is posted by LJ's mum.
Lim Jeck's NUS 2011/2012 Semester 1 (Aug to Dec 2011) exam results was released today. He got an A+ for Linear Algebra II (Year 2 Math module).

His NUS 2010/2011 exam results are here.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

3rd WengsWorld Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

This is posted by LJ's mum

We took part in the 3rd WengsWorld Jigsaw Puzzle Competition held at Tiong Bahru Community Centre yesterday, from 3.30 - 6 pm.

There were 18 teams taking part. Each team was given 2 hrs to complete a 500-pc jigsaw puzzle.

Saw Hean and Sor Khim in 1 team. Their puzzle was almost completed at the end of 2 hrs.

Lim Min and Lim Jeck in the progress of fixng their puzzle.


Lim Min and Lim Jeck emerged champion and won a puzzle each!

1st: Lim Jeck and Lim Min (1 hr 7 mins)
2nd: Dorothy and Roger (1 hr 39 mins)
3rd: Min Yu and Yang San (1 hr 41 mins)
4th: Stella and Yuwen (1 hr 50 mins)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Heye and Kitty puzzles

Heye 750-pc puzzle (Opera Bavaria) done in 1 day.

Down Town Kitty 1000-pc puzzle done in 2 days.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Acer Aspire i7 Notebook

2 days ago, I bought a new Acer Aspire notebook with 2nd gen Intel Core i7-2670QM processor, nVidia GeForce GT 540M 1 GB VRAM, 4GB DDR RAM and 15.6" monitor. The detailed configurations are as follows:

This Acer notebook computer cost $999 and was bought at the Gain City Show @ Suntec. I have used my SMO 2011 prize money (total about $2500) to pay for it. I have given the HP notebook computer ($799) which I bought in Sep to Lim Min. After deducting $1800 for both notebook computers, I still have about $700 left for my savings.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Another Puzzle done

2500-pc puzzle - took about 1 week to fix it.

It is a good quality MB brand puzzle, the interlocking is so secure that Lim Li can lift up the entire puzzle (without glue).

Thursday, 24 November 2011

2011 PSLE Results Release

This is posted by LL

My mother's prediction of my PSLE results in this post - P6 Prelim Results and Expected PSLE Aggregate Score that is currently the most popular post in this blog (overtakes the SMO 2011 Junior Answers post) is very accurate. But why would anyone search that? It's not like the PSLE results will be online, or that post will teach someone to predict his/her PSLE aggregate score.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, which I doubt, my PSLE aggregrate score is 253, with A* for Mathematics and Science, and A for English and Chinese. The score doesn't matter because I have been admitted to NUS High under the DSA-Sec exercise ☺.

In my school (Queenstown Primary), 28 students (11.3%) scored 250 and above. The top scores are: 273, 268, 265, 265, 265, 265.

QtPS students getting aggregate score >= 250 for PSLE 2011

Singapore's highest scorer is from Rulang Primary School, and her score is 283.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Semestral Progress Report

This is posted by LJ's mum.

Lim Jeck received his Year 4 Semester 2 progress report this morning. As expected, he did well for Math, Physics and Chemistry modules, and not so well for Fine Art and languages (but still exceeded my expectations, haha). His results are as follows:

BL4105 Evolutionary Biology A-
BL4108 Advanced Cell Biology A-
CL4102 Chinese 4B B
CM4106 Chemical Equilibria and Thermodynamics A+
EL4104 Language in Society I B
FA4102 Art Advanced II B-
MA6102 Complex Numbers A+
MA6405 An Introduction to Graph Theory A+
PC4111 Advanced Physics II A+
PC4203 Physics Olympiad III A+

Though he has been doing very well for Chemistry (his overall Subject CAP for Chemistry is a perfect 5.0), he has decided to take Chemistry (major) instead of Chemistry (honours) in Year 5 and 6. This will allow him to focus more on Physics (honours), Computing Studies, Advanced Research Project and to take more NUS modules in the next 2 years.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Impossible Puzzle

We bought the below impossibles puzzle from Borders Wheelock Place in July this year, before Borders was closed down. We only fixed it yesterday as we enjoy fixing puzzles after the exams or during the school holidays. As described on the box, the puzzle has no edge and has 5 extra pieces.

The completed puzzle:

As you can see, instead of 5 extra pieces, we found 6 extra pieces and 1 piece is missing! This is literally an "impossible" puzzle.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Promos Results

This is posted by LM's mum

Lim Min's overall results for JC1. Heard that in RI, 'C' and above grades for school results usually translate to 'A' in the A-levels. Hope this is true :)

Juxtaposed with her RGS Year 4 overall results last year, where she had scored A+ in all the Math and Science subjects, it is quite clear where her strength lies. If there is no need for a contrasting subject in the Junior College, she should have done Biology instead of Economics!

Lim Min is self-motivated and manages her own studies without any tuition. Lim Jeck has no tuition too, but needs "pushing" when it comes to studying before tests/exams. Luckily, his subjects next year do not require much studying (no more Biology), in addition he will be staying in the hostel for the whole of next year (except weekends and holidays), so I probably can relax more (i.e. less nagging from me). Lim Li attended English enrichment class for about 1.5 years, prior to the PSLE but it does not seem to help much :( I am quite reluctant to sign her up for external English class when she goes to secondary school next year.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Trip to US

This is posted by LL.
We went to USS (Universal Studios Singapore) two days ago. As it was neither a public holiday nor a school holiday, there was a 20% discount when we paid by Mastercard. We paid a total of about $250 for 4 adult and 1 child tickets.

For some reasons, the word 'CASINO' is bigger than the word 'Universal Studios', and the former is in capital letters. I wonder why?

Some high tech robots in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.

Outside Ancient Egypt. The indoor roller coaster at Revenge of The Mummy is dark, which makes it less scary.

The WaterWorld show at The Lost World. There were stunts and explosions at the live show.

My father pretending to be an ogre, after we have watched the Donkey LIVE show at Far Far Away.

At Sci-Fi City, we took the Battelstar Galactica: Human roller coaster (Red Track). My classmates in school told me that they took the Cylon roller coaster (Blue Track) which went up-side-down 5 times. Now that I think about it, we should have taken the Cylon because my friends dared to take it, so it could not be that frightening.

After we left USS, we bought popcorn at Garret (near the USS exit). It was very nice and sweet but expensive ($8 for a small-size packet, which was actually not that small).

Thursday, 27 October 2011

AMC Annual Awards Presentation 2011

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) Annual Awards Presentation was held at the Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel this evening.

The medal winners: from left to right (Junior) Song Somin, Liu Tianyi, Liu Yijia, Sheldon Tan, Xavier Lim, (Intermediate) Zeng Yi, Lim Jeck, (Senior) Ding Yue.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Playing Piano

This is posted by LL ™ (press ctrl and 0153 to get the ™)

Hi. This is the 2nd song I learnt. It is called Hokage's Funeral from Naruto. I am in piano grade zero because I have never learnt piano from any teacher. There were some mistakes I made, but I was too lazy to retake after so many NGs. Other songs that I have learnt to play include: Itsumo Nando Demo from Spirited Away, Sadness and Sorrow from Naruto, Super Mario Brothers: Underwater Theme, 月亮代表我的心 and Tsuna Awakens from Hitman Reborn.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mistakes in Olympiad Maths Trainer 6 Book

This is posted by Lim Li ☺☻

My mother bought this book from Popular Bookstore for me to practise last year. I found many mistakes. Now that I am so free (PSLE is over!), I will type out some of the mistakes. My comments are in Red.

Week 2 Qn 5.
(a) Choose any three letters from a, b, c and d. In how many ways can we arrange these letters?
(b) A teacher wants to choose a captain and a vice-captain among 12 volleyball players. In how many ways can he do so?
Answer: (a) 4A3 = 4 x 3 x 2 = 24
(b)12C2 = (12 x 11 )/(2 x 1 ) = 66
(a) Should be 4P3
(b) Captain and vice-captain is different person, should be 12P2

Week 5 Qn 2. In a mathematics quiz, Fredric answered 1/9 of the questions wrongly. Paul answered 7 questions correctly. The number of questions that both of them answered correctly was 1/6 of the total number of questions. How many questions were there in the quiz?
Answer. 18
First of all, from the 3rd statement, 1/6 of the total number of questions, one would naturally assume that it is the total number of questions in the mathematics quiz rather than the total number of questions both answered together, which is twice the amount. We also have to assume that all questions are answered correctly or wrongly. Logical interpretation of the question would lead to 36 as the answer.

Week 5 Qn 5. In the figure below, how many triangles can be formed using any three points as the vertice?
. . .
. . .
. . .
Answer. 64
The correct solution is 9C3=84, 84-8=76 Answer: 76
Week 6 Qn 3: For 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + ... + n^2, we can compute n(n + 1) (n + 2) /6. Find the value of 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 + ... + 15.^2
The formula in the question is wrong. It should be n (n + 1) (2n + 1) /6
Week 7 Qn 1. Don and Andy have some marbles. If Don gives some marbles to Andy, the number of marbles that Don has is twice the number of marbles what Andy has. If Andy gives the same number of marbles to Don, the number of marbles that Don has is 4 times of what Andy has. How many marbles does each of them have at first?
If the question does not provide any number, how are we supposed to find the number of marbles each of them has? I think the question should be: "What is the least possible number of marbles each of them has at first?"
Week 10 Qn 6. An athlete ran up the staircase of a building as part of his training programme. If he ran up the building at first and then walked up the last 24 steps, it would take him 28 seconds. If he ran up the building at first and then walked the last 36 steps, it would take him 30 seconds. How many steps were there on the staircases?
It is an impossible question, which cannot be solved. Too little information is given. Assuming speed is integer, there will be 3 solutions, 72, 288, 720 steps. If speed is not integer, the number of steps can be any integer above something, 36 I think. Anyway, if you see the solution given, the first statement totally didn't make any sense, and the 2nd statement is even worse.

Other questions with mistakes that I am too lazy to type. Sorry, only people who have purchased the book will understand what I am typing.

Week 7 Qn 2:either the question should be unshaded or the answer should add a 200-85=115

Week 9 Qn 2: should write "only" for the 2 subjects e.g. 6 students like both mathematics and English only, instead of, 6 students liked both mathematics and English.

Week 10 Qn 1: the question says the number formed by the first 5 digits and the number formed by the last 3 digits is 68427 but the answer says 68247.

Week 13 Qn 5a: it says + but should be x

Week 14 Qn 2: firstly, the answer says 320/(64/48)=20. It should be 320/(64-48)=20. Secondly, you are assuming there is the same amount of chairs and tables, which is not stated in the question.

There are (a lot) more questions with mistakes, which I am even lazier to type.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

PSLE Over!!!

This is posted by LL☺☻

PSLE is over!!!!( ! x a very big number) Now I can start to recycle all the stuff (no burning as it causes global warming). However, there is still HCL for those taking HCL, too bad for you :P.

How do I find each paper? Why am I asking myself? Because I am weird :)
[*very easy, ** easy, *** ok, **** hard, ***** very hard]
English [***] - easier than my school prelim exam but my English is VERY poor so I obviously did badly even if the paper is not difficult :(
Math [*] - too easy, I managed to check more than 3 times but unfortunately I did not spot a careless mistake in one of the questions - Paper 1 reading book question, I put 26 days when the correct answer should be 24 days :(
Chinese [***] - my teacher said it was considered a difficult paper as some questions were rather tricky :( I think I have made a few mistakes, they are not careless mistakes as I really am dumb
Science [**.5] - I completed the paper in about 1 hr 5 mins and have 40 minutes to check. As expected, I managed to find a few mistakes (since I am such a careless person) during checking.

Things to do after the PSLE:
1. hibernate
2. sleep
3. eat
4. sleep more
5. laugh at people who take HCL
6. play
7. tell everyone that 1+1=2
8. (same as 1)
9. do random things
10. go US before I'm 13 years old (note that US is not united states, hint: it is in Sentosa)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Invitation to the Faculty of Science, NUS

This is posted by LJ's mum.

After Lim Jeck has won an IMO gold medal, a number of well-meaning people suggested that he should consider pursuing his higher education in a top-ranking overseas university such as one of the Ivy League or Oxbridge universities. Personally, I am not in awe of overseas branded universities and I also do not think that our local universities are inferior to the overseas ones. As long as one works hard for his passion and has a positive attitude, he can shine in whichever university he goes, and in whatever vocation he undertakes after graduation. Since Lim Jeck is still about 4+ years away from enrolling in an university, there is still much time for him to think about where he wants to pursue his undergraduate studies.

He has recently received an invitation to apply for the Faculty of Science, NUS, when he is in his final year at NUS High (2 years later). The offer is quite attractive as he will be guaranteed at least a Kent Ridge Undergraduate Scholarship (bond-free) which provides full coverage of the annual tuition fees (which is about $5360 x 4 years, based on current year's fees for the Faculty of Science).

In my opinion, it is a good choice for Lim Jeck to join NUS after his studies at NUS High and after National Service. He has already completed two Year 1 NUS Math modules and is currently doing a Year 2 NUS Math module. By end this year he would have completed all his Math modules at NUS High, so next year onwards he would have more time to take additional NUS modules - either from the Faculty of Science or from the School of Computing. In NUS, there is a suitable double degree programme for him - Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Science (Mathematics/Applied Mathematics). I think if he joins this programme, he should be able to get his double degrees (with honours) in less than 4 years.

Of course, ultimately the choice is his to make!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Subject Specialisation

My subject specialisation in Year 5 (2012)

Combination :
Mathematics (honours) [done by end this semester]
Physics (honours)
Chemistry (honours)
Computing Studies (major)

No more Biology. No more Art!!!!

Update on 14 Nov: I have decided to do Chemistry (major) instead of Chemistry (honours).

Monday, 19 September 2011

Historical EESIS/ESIS COP and IP Schools' COP

Last Updated on 20/12/2019
Year in P6
2019 - 261
2018 - 260
2017 - 262
2016 - 262
2015 - 262
2014 - 258
2013 - 258
2012 - 262
2011 - 260
2010 - 260
2009 - 261
2008 - 263
2007 - 264
2006 - 262

Year entering Sec 1, COP* is inclusive of HMT bonus pts
( ) deviation from prevailing year's EESIS/ESIS COP:  = same, + higher, - lower

Nanyang Girls' High School's COP*
2020 - 261 (=)
2019 - 258 (-2)
2018 - 264 (+2)
2017 - 264 (+2)
2016 - 264 (+2)
2015 - 262 (+4)
2014 - 261 (+3)
2013 - 265 (+3)
2012 - 262 (+2)
2011 - 262 (+2)
2010 - 263 (+2)
2009 - 263 (=)
2008 - 265 (+1)
2007 - 262 (=)

Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)'s COP
2020 - 261 (=)
2019 - 259 (-1)
2018 - 260 (-2)
2017 - 261 (-1)
2016 - 260 (-2)
2015 - 258 (=)
2014 - 259 (+1)
2013 - 263 (+1)
2012 - 261 (+1)
2011 - 260 (=)
2010 - 260 (-1)
2009 - 263 (=)
2008 - 266 (+2)
2007 - 264 (+2)

Raffles Institution's COP
2020 - 259 (-2)
2019 - 258 (-2)
2018 - 257 (-5)
2017 - 260 (-2)
2016 - 261 (-1)
2015 - 256 (-2)
2014 - 259 (+1)
2013 - 263 (+1)
2012 - 261 (+1)
2011 - 259 (-1)
2010 - 259 (-2)
2009 - 262 (+1)
2008 - 263 (-1)
2007 - 261 (-1)

Hwa Chong Institution's COP*
2020 - 257 (-4)
2019 - 259 (-1)
2018 - 258 (-4)
2017 - 259 (-3)
2016 - 260 (-2)
2015 - 256 (-2)
2014 - 256 (-2)
2013 - 261 (-1)
2012 - 258 (-2)
2011 - 257 (-3)
2010 - 257 (-4)
2009 - 259 (-4)
2008 - 261 (-3)
2007 - 260 (-2)

Methodist Girls' IP COP
2020 - 257 (-4)
2019 - 258 (-2)
2018 - 260 (-2)
2017 - 259 (-3)
2016 - 261 (-1)
2015 - 256 (-2)
2014 - 256 (-2)
2013 - 257 (-5)

National Junior College's COP
2020 - 254 (-7)
2019 - 256 (-4)
2018 - 256 (-6)
2017 - 256 (-6)
2016 - 258 (-4)
2015 - 254 (-4)
2014 - 255 (-3)
2013 - 259 (-3)
2012 - 258 (-2)
2011 - 257 (-3)
2010 - 257 (-4)
2009 - 259 (-4)
2008 - 259 (-5)

Dunman High's COP*
2020 - 255 (-6)
2019 - 256 (-4)
2018 - 255 (-7)
2017 - 257 (-5)
2016 - 258 (-4)
2015 - 253 (-5)
2014 - 256 (-2)
2013 - 256 (-6)
2012 - 256 (-4)
2011 - 257 (-3)
2010 - 258 (-3)
2009 - 260 (-3)
2008 - 260 (-4)
2007 - 258 (-4)

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' IP COP*
2020 - 257 (-4)
2019 - 255 (-5)
2018 - 256 (-6)
2017 - 257 (-5)
2016 - 258 (-4)
2015 - 253 (-5)
2014 - 255 (-3)
2013 - 255 (-7)

Anglo-Chinese Independent's IP COP
2020 - 256 (-5)
2019 - 254 (-6)
2018 - 256 (-6)
2017 - 256 (-6)
2016 - 256 (-6)
2015 - 252 (-6)
2014 - 253 (-5)
2013 - 256 (-6)

Cedar Girls' IP COP
2020 - 253 (-8)
2019 - 253 (-7)
2018 - 254 (-8)
2017 - 254 (-8)
2016 - 254 (-8)
2015 - 252 (-6)
2014 - 251 (-7)
2013 - 254 (-8)
2012 - 258 (-2)

River Valley High School's COP*
2020 - 253 (-8)
2019 - 252 (-8)
2018 - 250 (-12)
2017 - 251 (-11)
2016 - 253 (-9)
2015 - 249 (-9)
2014 - 251 (-7)
2013 - 256 (-6)
2012 - 254 (-6)
2011 - 253 (-7)
2010 - 251 (-10)
2009 - 254 (-9)
2008 - 254 (-10)
2007 - 253 (-7)

Victoria School's IP COP
2020 - 252 (-9)
2019 - 252 (-8)
2018 - 252 (-10)
2017 - 252 (-10)
2016 - 254 (-8)
2015 - 249 (-9)
2014 - 251 (-7)
2013 - 252 (-10)
2012 - 255 (-5)

Singapore Chinese Girls' IP COP
2020 - 252 (-9)
2019 - 252 (-8)
2018 - 252 (-10)
2017 - 252 (-10)
2016 - 253 (-9)
2015 - 250 (-8)
2014 - 251 (-7)
2013 - 252 (-10)

Catholic High's IP COP*
2020 - 252 (-9)
2019 - 254 (-6)
2018 - 253 (-9)
2017 - 252 (-10)
2016 - 253 (-9)
2015 - 249 (-9)
2014 - 251 (-7)
2013 - 252 (-10)

Temasek Junior College's IP COP
2020 - 250 (-11)
2019 - 250 (-10)
2018 - 249 (-13)
2017 - 250 (-12)
2016 - 253 (-9)
2015 - 249 (-9)
2014 - 252 (-6)
2013 - 251 (-11)

St Joseph Institution's IP COP
2020 - 251 (-10)
2019 - 250 (-10)
2018 - 253 (-9)
2017 - 253 (-9)
2016 - 253 (-9)
2015 - 248 (-10)
2014 - 250 (-8)
2013 - 251 (-11)
Posted on 19/9/2011

In the PSLE, the T-Score for each subject is calculated as T = 50 + 10 (raw mark of student - average mark of the whole cohort)/(standard deviation or spread of marks around the average mark). The PSLE Aggregate Score is the sum of the T-score of all 4 subjects. Clearly, at this juncture the average mark of the whole cohort for each subject and also the standard deviation are not known. Hence, I can only hazard a guess Lim Li's likely PSLE aggregate score. My estimation of the aggregate score is based on what Lim Min and Lim Jeck had scored in their Prelim Exams and their PSLE aggregate scores, and what Lim Li has scored in her recent Prelim Exam.

Lim Min's P6 Prelim Exam Results in 2006:
English 84
Chinese 91
Higher Chinese 75 (not included in Total score)
Mathematics 100
Science 94
Total score 369/400
PSLE aggregate score: 265, A* in Chinese, Mathematics and Science, A in English, Distinction in Higher Chinese.
2006 Highest PSLE score in Singapore: 281

Lim Jeck's P6 Prelim Exam Results in 2007:
English 79
Chinese 82
Mathematics 99
Science 94
Total score 354/400
PSLE aggregate score: 263, A* in Mathematics and Science, A in English and Chinese
2007 Highest PSLE score in Singapore: 294

Lim Li's P6 Prelim Exam Results in 2011:
English 72
Chinese 87
Mathematics 98
Science 88
Total score 345/400

My estimation for Lim Li's PSLE aggregate score is in the range 250-255. She is likely to score A* in Mathematics and Science, A in English and Chinese.

If this year's PSLE Mathematics paper is very tough, her aggregate score will probably be higher since Mathematics is her pet subject. However, if the Mathematics paper is very easy and English is very tough, then her aggregate score will likely be pulled down.

Friday, 16 September 2011

2011 PSLE Listening Comprehension

This is posted by LL 
(note: I am writing from the iPad so there are some stuff that only those using apple things like iPhone, iPad and iPod can see)

PSLE Listening is over! Now I can throw away all my listening stuff or give them to my cousins. The English listening compre is okay but the Chinese one has one difficult question (question 5 which is about the main purpose of the retiring principal's speech). I put 2 but I think the answer should be 3 - to thank the students for organizing the previous day's concert. I think I should score full marks for English listening (20/20), but I got one wrong for Chinese listening (should score 18/20).


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Chinese Newspaper on Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2011

林捷(左)横扫新加坡数学比赛的高中组和公开组冠军,获得教育部兼国防部政务部长黄循财的赞赏。 (周柏荣摄)




而林捷对数学的兴趣早在他小学五年级时就培养起来。他的父母毕业自国大电脑科学系,相信在潜移默化中儿子也喜欢上数学,从小就玩拼图游戏、迷宫和魔幻方块(Rubik's Cube)。现在,林捷在温习数学功课时,也上数学网站,向网友发问数学题目,互相切磋。






颁奖礼上,得奖团队的学生讲解他们的研究计划,他们不仅通过斐波那契数列(Fibonacci Sequence)来解决电影售票员零钱不足的问题,也用量子物理学来确保自己能在井字棋(Tic-tac-toe)中取胜。




Saturday, 3 September 2011

SMO 2011 Prize Presentation Ceremony

This is posted by LJ's mum

Lim Jeck with Guest of Honour Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister of State for Education and Defence

Singapore Team to the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad

Clarence Chew (from Tao Nan Primary, who is ranked 28th in SMO Junior) and Lim Li

Lim Jeck has requested to use the SMO prize money to buy a notebook PC. So how much did he win?

SMO Senior Individual 1st - $500
SMO Senior Team 2nd - $600/3 = $200
SMO Open Individual 1st - $600
SMO Open Team 2nd - $700/3 = $233.33
IMO Gold = $1000
Total = $2533.33 (budget)

We will be going to COMEX 2011 (IT Show/PC Show) tomorrow ...

Afternote: Bought the following HP notebook PC at COMEX for $799 :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

CGMO 2011 News on Tamil Murasu

This is posted by Lim Min's mum.

The girl in the picture is Surya Mathialagan, a Year 2 student from NUS High. She was interviewed by Tamil Murasu (the Tamil newspaper under SPH) on her CGMO achievements.

An English translation of the above article can be found in Edvantage website - Surya scores at maths Olympiad
EIGHT students - from Raffles Institution, NUS High and Raffles Girls' School - did Singapore proud at the recent China Girls Mathematical Olympiad.

They won one gold, two silver and four bronze medals at the event held in Shenzhen from July 30 to Aug 3... a vast improvement from last year's tally of one silver and four bronze medals.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Year 2 student Surya Mathialagan was the only Indian in the group. And she came home with a bronze medal.

A veteran of such maths Olympiads - she has been taking part in such competitions since she was in Primary 5 - this is Miss Mathialagan's first international medal. And the joy was evident when she told Tamil Murasu: "It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I solve tough mathematical problems."

The China Girls Mathematical Olympiad was introduced in 2002 as a domestic event but various countries have been invited to take part since. It comprises four questions that have to be completed in four hours. In Singapore, students undergo tests to qualify for the team representing the nation at the Olympiad.

Miss Mathialagan, who prepared for this Olympiad by tackling various mathematical questions for a minimum of six hours in the week leading up to the event, is now setting her sights higher. "I want to work harder and take part in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Once I do that, I want to win a medal and make Singapore proud," she said.

Friday, 19 August 2011

2011 PSLE Orals

This is posted by LL
Orals are finally over ☺. Now we can throw away all our oral stuff.

I know my drawings fail. This is the picture of the Chinese oral (1st day) stickman version:

I said that it was a classroom (课室), but my mother said that it was a students' corner (学生园地/学习角落) . The thing at the top right is a notice board (布告栏/布告版)and the paper is torn. The girl on the left is hitting the other girl with a bundle of papers. Conversation topic is about small group discussion (小组讨论/小组活动)(I am not sure), and "what have you learnt?"

This is the picture of the English oral (2nd day) stickman version.

This is a clinic. The man at the left is giving a $50 note to the cashier. The girl in the middle is sobbing uncontrollably and her hand is bandaged; the door says the doctor's name but I forgot. The two boys at the bottom right are fighting over a toy car. Conversation topic is "Have you been to the clinic? Tell me about your experience."

Sunday, 14 August 2011