Wednesday, 22 May 2013

APMO 2013 Results

Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad Full Results

You can see that Korea, Russia and USA are truly the Math Olympiad powerhouse, each with a total score of 350, meaning all their top 10 students including the those with Honourable Mention, get a perfect score of 35.  Singapore is ranked 7th (tie with Canada), with a total score of 257.

For APMO, the medal award rules are as follows: For a particular country the number of i) Gold awards ≤ 1, ii) Gold + Silver awards ≤ 3, and iii) Gold + Silver + Bronze awards ≤ 7.)

Singapore's Individual Results
Gold: Lim Jeck (NUS High)
Silver: Ling Yan Hao (NUS High), Yap Jit Wu (NUS High)
Bronze: David Lin (RI), Howe Choong Yin (NUS High), Teh Jiun Harn (RI), Sheldon Kieren Tan (RI)
Honourable Mention: Tan Pin Lin (NUS High), Zhang Wen (RI), Tan Siah Yong (RI)

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