Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

28 December 2013, 9.30 am, Tiong Bahru CC. 1000-pc puzzle. Registration fee is $10 per pax.
The registration fee collected would go to charity.
This jigsaw puzzle event is organised by wengsworld.

At the beginning of the game ...
3.5 hours later, almost done ...
Some other team members also joined in to help at the end, as our puzzle looked the most promising (to completion ... other teams had barely done 30% after 3 hours). 

Last piece!
Edna (NUSH Corporate Comms), her hubby Mr Chua (NUSH Chinese teacher), her mother Doris and Cynthia.
Our team is the only team which managed to complete the 1000-pc puzzle in 4 hours. 

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