Sunday, 2 February 2014

CNY's CNY Gathering

Lim Min's CNYang Scholars friends having a CNY Gathering at my place. They had spaghetti for lunch
Dessert is Grape-flavoured soya bean agar agar
From left: Lim Min, Prasanna (from India. Mature & eloquent), Jun Ru (from China. Pianist and artist), Zhou Ran (from China. Smart guy who is also known as Zhou 神), Baloc (from Vietnam. Very chatty, with funny laughter and deep nasal voice, has trypophobia aka phobia for holes), Khoan (from Vietnam. Loves the number 17 and has phobia for cockroaches and other insects), Yu Chen (from Singapore. Tall guy who did his Mastering Physics assignment while others were chatting) and Erickson (from Indonesia. Loves Theoretical Physics).
They watched 3 Idiots ... then proceeded to a game of badminton at the condo clubhouse.
After everyone had a scrumptious pizza dinner (delivery order from Dominos), Lim Li joined them for a game of German Bridge and chitchatting.

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