Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ESIP Scholarship

Lim Li took the Integrated Programme Scholarships Test (IPST) on 15 February 2014. She has been awarded the Edusave Scholarships for Integrated Programme Schools (ESIP) which has a tenure of 4 years, from 2014 - 2017.

Singaporean students who are admitted to Independent Schools and who have not been awarded the EESIS scholarship based on PSLE T-score (the cut-off point varies from year to year, and may range from 258 - 264) could apply to sit for the IPST at the end of Secondary 2. Those who did well in the IPST will be awarded the ESIP.

There are 2 components of the IPST - English and Maths. There are IQ/logic reasoning types of questions (all are MCQs) in both English and Maths papers.  The duration is about 2 - 3 hrs. There are several sections - English has a few sections, and Maths another few sections.  Each section has 20-30 questions; students will complete one section at a time, within a time limit. For the English sections, the question may list a few vocabulary words and you have to find the odd one out.

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Anonymous said...

DO you know what kind of questions they ask and the difficulty. Also, how many people passed the test?