Thursday, 18 September 2014

IMSO 2014 Singapore Team

The International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) is an annual competition in Math and Science for primary school students. Since 2011, NUS High School has been appointed by the Gifted Education Branch (GEB), MOE to be the Lead Agency for IMSO, to select and train the IMSO national team.

From my understanding, students in the IMSO national team are typically offered Confirmed Offers from NUS High School under the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise; they may even be awarded the 6-year NUS High scholarship if they choose to enrol in NUS High School from Secondary 1.

The Singapore team for the 11th IMSO comprises the following Primary 5 students. They are selected from the top 20 NMOS and SPSO winners, have undergone further training by NUS High and have done well in the respective selection tests.

Daniel Choo Zhenghao, ACS Primary
Mikail Firas Din s/o Abdul Jabar, ACS Primary
Boo Tse Yang Lucas, Nanyang Primary
Low Choo Ray, Nanyang Primary
Pan Yifan, Nanyang Primary
Wang Yunrui, Rosyth Primary

Kiew Xi Chi, Pei Tong Primary
Kua Le Yi, Catholic High
Li Yue Chen, Nan Hua Primary
Matthew Yar Kwok Jway, Tao Nan School
Russell Ng Jung Hng, Catholic High
Tang Guang Xiang, Canberra Primary


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