Saturday, 19 March 2016

NOI 2016 Results

From left: Timothy (S), Jeffrey (G), Gabriel (S), Sean, Xingchen (G), Owen (S), Jedidiah (B), Clarence (G), Daniel (S), Lim Li (S), Wayne (B)
National Olympiad in Informatics 2016 (Click 'Results' to see full results)

Current Ranking (refer to Potential IOI 2016 SG Team)

Top 4 Contestants
Clarence Chew, NUSH
Zhang Guangxuan, RI
Liu Tianyi, RI
Wang Jianzhi, RI

Top Junior Colleges

Top Secondary Schools

Top Secondary School Contestants
Estelle Lee, RGS
Huang Xingchen, NUSH

Best Female Medalist
Lim Li, NUSH

Youngest Medalist
Benson Lin Zhan Li, HCI

Best Foreign Medalist
Sergio Vieri, Indonesia

All individual winners received an Apple Watch each.

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