Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cambridge University Alternative Prospectus, 1st Year Mathematics Timetable and Cambridge Supervisions

This is a very good website for anyone who wants to know about Cambridge, its colleges and courses - Cambridge University Alternative Prospectus

Everything on the website has been written by current and recently graduated students at the University of Cambridge, to give you honest information about what it’s like to be a student at Cambridge.
Cambridge's Courses
Cambridge's Colleges

Supervision is one of the greatest strengths and a key advantage of studying at Cambridge - most students find their supervisions the most rewarding and beneficial part of their course. It is organised by the college. Supervisions provide regular small-group tuition (usually one or two students) with subject specialists who may be one of the country's or world's leading authorities.

Lim Jeck's supervisors for this term (4 Oct to 2 Dec 2016) are:
~ Numbers and Sets - Prof Imre Leader, who is also Lim Jeck's Director of Studies (DoS). Read about the roles of DoS and Supervisors here
~ Groups - Prof Imre Leader
~ Vectors and Matrics - Dr Crowe
~ Differential Equations - Dr Peng

Lim Jeck is paired with Alexander Gunning from Australia for supervisions; both of them are 3-time IMO Gold medalists
Lim Jeck and Alexander Gunning
Statistics on 2016 Mathematics Course Admission cycle:
Total Cambridge first year Mathematics undergrad students in 29 colleges: 258
Total Trinity College first year Mathematics undergrad students: 48

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