Tuesday, 4 October 2016

More Pics from Cambridge

Sean and Lim Jeck in formal gown and suit
King's College
With Trinity College porter
Centre of Mathematical Sciences - about 20 min walk from Trinity College. Cambridge library is here too.
Most items at Wilko (above) are very reasonably priced; I bought a single duvet for only £6. Another place to get cheap items is Poundland, where most items are sold at £1. Both Wilko and Poundland are located in Grafton Centre
For clothings and shoes, you can get from Primark. Lim Jeck's suit (see first pic above, jacket and trousers) was bought from Primark at £28. His gown was purchased directly from Trinity College at £34.50
Bicycles are a common sight in Cambridge. Many students ride them to lecture venues
Dim Sum @ Yim Wah Express
From left: Choong Yin, Lim Jeck, Lay Yen, Sean, Meng Ai
NUS High mates: Choong Yin, Yee Suen (Oxford Y2) and Stanley Quek
Dung (we call him Zung) from Vietnam, Sean, Choong Yin, Lim Jeck 
Dinner at Yim Wah Express

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