Thursday, 29 December 2016

Singapore IMO Team Members' University Destinations

This post is inspired by the Statistics of University Destinations for UK IMO team members (apparently, majority of the UK IMO team members had joined Cambridge, in particularly, Trinity College).

Below are the university (undergraduate) destinations of Singapore IMO team members in the last decade (interestingly, the top 3 popular choices are NUS, Cambridge and Stanford): Note that most of the guys have had to serve 2 years of compulsory National Service after their High School, before joining the University.

Name IMO Year(s) Attended High School Graduated (Year) University Attending/Attended for Undergraduate
Glen Lim 2016 RI (2016) Cambridge
Sheldon Tan 2014-2016 RI (2016) Harvard
Liu Yijia 2013-2015 RI (2016) Duke
David Lin 2013-2015 RI (2015) Stanford
Tan Siah Yong 2013-2015 RI (2015) Stanford
Eugene Lee 2013 RI (2015) CMU
Ling Yan Hao 2012-2014 NUSH (2014) NUS
Lim Jeck 2009-2013 NUSH (2013) Cambridge
Ang Yan Sheng 2010-2012 NUSH (2012) NUS
Ding Yue 2011 RI (2012) Princeton
Joseph Kuan 2011 RI (2012) MIT
Ryan Kor 2011-2012 RI (2012) NUS
Lawrence Li 2012 RI (2012) NUS
Lee You Jun 2012 RI (2012) NUS
Ang Jie Jun 2010-2011 ACSI (2011) Stanford
Ivan Loh 2009-2010 RI (2010) Cambridge
Gabriel Wong 2010 NUSH (2010) Oxford
Vincent Tjeng 2010 RI (2010) MIT
Ryan Chan 2009 NUSH (2012) Cambridge
Daniel Low 2009 RJC (2009) Cambridge
Barry Tng 2009 RJC (2009) Harvard
Chiam Jia-Han 2007-2009 RJC (2009) Stanford
Goh Jun Le 2008 NUSH (2008) NUS
Dominic Lee Jun 2008 NUSH (2008) NUS
Lei Lei 2007-2008 NUSH (2008) Duke
Lim Jun Ren 2008 RJC (2008)
Lim Wei Quan 2006-2008 HCI (2008) NUS
Bryan Hooi 2006-2007 ACJC (2007) Stanford
Goh Boon Leng 2007 RJC (2007) NUS
Lok Gar Goei 2007 RJC (2007) Cambridge
Ho Jun Wei 2006 HCI (2006) Cambridge
Tham Zheng Kang 2006 RJC (2006) Cornell
Wu Jiawei 2005-2006 RJC (2006) NUS
Zhao Yan 2005-2006 RJC (2006) ANU

Monday, 19 December 2016

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Polymer Clay

Bought polymer clay & tools from ezbuy for about S$5
Figurines made by Lim Li and Lim Min.
To harden the clay, you can put them in an oven or airfryer for 10 mins, set to 100 degree celsius

Friday, 2 December 2016

Home Tuition and Olympiad Training by former RI students

This is posted on behalf of Chan Jau Tung.

Hello! We are the former students from Raffles Institution, including some Singapore Team members of International Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics Olympiads. We will be providing home tuition for the preparation of: 

O/A Level
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Math
• Physics
• GP

Advanced Placement (AP)
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Computing
• Math
• Physics

• Singapore Astronomy Olympiad (SAO)
• Singapore Biology Olympiad (SBO)
• Singapore Chemistry Olympiad, Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SChO, SJChO)
• Singapore Math Olympiad (SMO)
• Singapore Physics Olympiad, Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SPhO, SJPO)

Please email us here, or SMS/Whatsapp 8282-6810 for details.

Come join us with your friends!