Friday, 20 October 2017

Year 6 Semester 2 Progress Report and Graduation CAP

Lim Li's Year 6 Semester 2 results are as follows:

CM6101 Experiments in Synthetic Chemistry A
CS6102 Computer Networking A
EL6104 Critical Reading and Writing B
MA6105 Advanced Mathematics V A+
MA6405 Introduction to Graph Theory A+

Year 5 & 6 CAP: 4.7

Mathematics Honours CAP: 5.0
Mathematics Major CAP: 5.0
Physics Honours CAP: 5.0
Physics Major CAP: 5.0
Computing Studies Honours CAP: 5.0
Computing Studies Major CAP: 4.8
Chemistry Major CAP: 4.8

Graduation CAP with Mother Tongue: 4.6
Graduation CAP without Mother Tongue: 4.7
Graduating with NUS High Diploma (High Distinction)

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