Monday, 5 November 2018

CodeChef SnackDown 2019 Online Pre-Elimination Singapore Teams’ Results

3 Nov 2018 - Online Pre-Elimination. Top 580 teams have advanced to the Elimination round.

Singapore Teams’ Results

tomboys - Ngoc Hai, Phan Trinh
pandamiao - Gan Wei Liang, Ranald Lam
sampletext - Jeffrey Lee
lamejeck - Lim Jeck, David Warn
Scrubbier - Mister, Li Yao'an
tinypingu - Teow Hua Jun, Lim An Jun
mushrooms2 - Zhang Guang Xuan, Lim Li
ftuknights_18 - Le Xuan Manh, Duy Khanh Dau
mushsum - Chang Si Yuan, Pang Wen Yuen

8 Dec 2018 - Online Elimination. Top 25 global, top 25 Indian + 8 additional teams will be invited for the onsite finale.

2nd Week Feb 2019 - Onsite Finale. Onsite Finalists will be competing for the Ultimate SnackDown 2019 Champion Title!

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