Sunday, 25 November 2018

Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC) 2018

The Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC) is a contest in which teams from universities all over the Northwestern part of Europe are served a series of algorithmic problems. The goal of each team is to solve as many problems as possible within the 5 hour time limit. Potential solutions are submitted and corrected by an automated judging system. The team that solves the most problems at the end of the contest qualify for the ICPC World Finals.

NWERC 2018 is held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from 23 - 25 November.

Cambridge has sent the following 4 teams to NWERC 2018:
Prime Goal
Treenity (Lim Jeck is in this team!)

List of teams registered are here.

The 5-hr contest has just started at 10 am local time (Singapore time 5 pm), 25 Nov (Sunday). You may watch the live scoreboard here.


Final Results

Top 10 results is below. Members of top 4 teams win a Huawei P20 each.

Team Treenity from Cambridge has won the contest! David Wärn, Lim Jeck and Zoltán Molnár Sáska will be going 2019 ICPC World Finals which will be held in Porto, Portugal. Teams will arrive on 31 March 2019 and depart on 5 April 2019 with the World Finals being held on 4 April 2019.

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