Friday, 7 December 2018

SMMC 2018 Results

The Simon Marais Mathematics Competition (SMMC) is an undergraduate Mathematics Competition in Asia-Pacific which was held on 13 October. A total of 355 individuals and 268 pairs entered the competition.

Top 3 Individuals
1st place: A$5000
Ang Yan Sheng (National University of Singapore), 43

2nd place (joint): Total A$5000, A$2500 per student
Jiang Ruichen (UNSW Sydney), 40
Shen Jianhao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 40

Top 3 Pairs
1st place (joint): Total A$17000, A$4250 per student
Lee Shun Ming Samuel & Kwok Man Yi (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 48
Lim Li & Ling Yan Hao (National University of Singapore), 48

3rd place (joint): Total A$5000, A$1250 per student
Bay Wei Heng & Cho Ming En (National University of Singapore), 43
Tung Kam Chuen & Wong Chun Shing (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), 43

Refer to full results here

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Congrats Lim Li!