Sunday, 16 February 2020

PhD Applications and Admission Results

This post is inspired by Mathematics GRE forum and Grad Cafe forum.

Undergrad Institution: Cambridge University
Major: Math
BA and MMath (in progress)
GPA for BA: 96%

GRE Revised General Test (taken in Sep 2019):
Quantitative Reasoning: 170 (96%)
Verbal Reasoning: 159 (83%)
Writing: 4.5 (81%)

GRE Subject Test (taken in Sep 2019):
Mathematics: 970 (99%)

Program Applying: Pure Math PhD

Applied to:
Caltech: Accepted on 4 Feb, Attending!
Cambridge: Accepted on 12 Feb, Declined on 6 Mar
MIT: Waitlisted on 6 Feb, Rejected on 15 Apr
Princeton: Rejected on 31 Jan
Stanford: Waitlisted on 2 Mar, Rejected on 10 Apr
Yale: Accepted on 3 Feb, Declined on 11 Apr

Deadline for acceptance of US grad schools: 15 Apr

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