Monday, 27 July 2020

NUSH Class of 2013 Friends Gathering and PhD destinations

Interestingly, all 6 of them will be pursuing PhD: (from left)
Wei Hao (MIT Chemistry)
Jun Fu (Oxford Chemistry)
Lim Jeck (Caltech Mathematics)
Jit Wu (Harvard Mathematics)
Anlong (MIT Mathematics)
Sean (Cambridge Physics)

Besides the above, quite a number of NUSH Class of 2013 alumni are also pursuing PhD:
Zijian (Cambridge Engineering)
Hansol (Max Planck Physics)
Ian Foo (Caltech Physics)
Daryl Jude (UCB)
Nikhil (US?)
Aristole (UK?)
Arif (NUS Physics)
Jonathan Lau (NUS Physics)
Glenn (NUS Chemistry)
Cyrus (NUS)

Quite a feat for a small cohort of just 200 students!

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