Sunday, 2 August 2020

NOI 2020 Results

Full Results

NOI 2020 Top Contestants and Top Schools Results

Top 4 Contestants
1. Tan Si Jie, NUSH
2. Ashley Aragorn Khoo, NUSH
3. Toh Jing En Daniel, NUSH
4. Shen Xing Yang, NUSH

Top Secondary School Students
1. Evan Lim Hong Jun, RI
2. Huang Qirui, HCI

Top Female Medalist
Jamie Lim Jia Sin, NUSH

Youngest Medalist
Saw Ze Dong, DHS

Top Junior Colleges
2. RI

Top Secondary Schools
2. RI

Saturday, 1 August 2020

IChO 2020 Singapore Team Results

Full IChO 2020 Results

IChO 2020 Singapore Team Results

Gold - Sean Leong, NUSH
Gold - Windle Charles Jordi, RI
Gold - Jovan Liau Yi Jun, NUSH
Silver - Ngwan Teng Wei, RI


NUSH Class of 2017 in NUS Faculty Distribution

About 92 from NUSH Class of 2017 (Cohort size 165) have joined NUS. Apparently, a large % has joined School of Computing (27.2% NUSH vs 9.7% NUS). To check NUSH Class of 2017 University Destinations (both local and overseas universities), click here.