Tuesday, 12 August 2014

CGMO 2014 Photos and Singapore Team Results

Updated on 14/8:
CGMO Singapore Team Results
wow ... notice Lim Li's medal glows :). from left: Ms Fan, Anqi, Lim Li, student helper, Surya, Cindy, Mr Wang
Silver (66) - Surya Mathialagan, NUS High
Silver (60) - Lim Li, NUS High
Silver (51) - Li Anqi, Raffles Girls' Sec
Bronze (27) - Cindy Wang Beini, Raffles Girls' Sec

Full Results


Spotted Lim Li in all the photos below :)
Source: official CGMO 2014 website

中山游 — 参观孙中山故居 Excursion to Sun Yat Sen Residence
一试 Day 1 competition
拼图比赛 Jigsaw puzzle competition
纸藤花制作比赛 Paper flowers making competition
健美操练习. Aerobic exercise, a CGMO fixture
Singapore Team
150 participants, 38 teams including Singapore, Russia, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau


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