Thursday 30 July 2015

IOI 2015, IChO 2015, IPhO 2015 and IBO 2015 Singapore Teams' Results

IOI 2015 Results

IOI 2015 Singapore Team has won 1 Silver 3 Bronze
Silver - Jacob Teo, NUS High
Bronze - Feng Jiahai, RI
Bronze - Howe Choong Yin, NUS High
Bronze - Pang Wen Yuen, RI

IChO 2015 Results

IChO 2015 Singapore Team has won 1 Gold 3 Silver
Gold - Li Bingjian, RI
Silver - Kee Jing Yee, NUS High
Silver - Kang Yi Cheng, RI
Silver - Bram Lim Song Jie, HCI

IPhO 2015 Full Results

IPhO 2015 Singapore Team has won 1 Gold 4 Silver

Gold (ranked 5th) - Darren Chua Yee Shuen, RI
Silver - Garett Tok Em Liang, NUS High
Silver - Peter Yuen, RI
Silver - Joel Tan Shi Quan, NUS High
Silver - Joshua Lim Yong Kiat, NUS High

IBO 2015 Full Results

IBO 2015 Singapore Team has won 3 Gold 1 Silver

Gold (ranked 4th) - Daniel Tan Chee Hian, HCI
Gold - Samuel Fong En Lei, RI
Gold - Chang Jia Geng, RI
Silver - Theophila Toh Ying Lin, NUS High


Wednesday 15 July 2015

IMO 2015 Results

Results on IMO 2015 Official Website
USA is the top country. The last time USA came in top was in 1994, when they achieved 6 perfect scores!

Alex Song from Canada is the newly crowned king in Hall of Fame. Lim Jeck is now ranked joint 9th.
Singapore came in 10th with 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze.
This year's cut off points for Gold: Silver: Bronze are 26: 19: 14

Monday 13 July 2015

Hosting Hungary Exchange Students

Lim Li went for Student Exchange Programme in Fazekas MihÄly High School, Hungary, from 14 - 21 March 2015. Refer to here and the photos.

Five Hungary students are currently having their exchange programme with NUS High from 9 to 16 July. We have hosted two students, Hoang Ly Melinda and Ujvari Eszter, from 10 - 12 July. They stay in NUS High Boarding School on other days.

From left: Melinda, Eszter and Lim Li. They are eating Chinese dumplings for breakfast.