Monday 23 February 2009

Crayon Physics

Crayon Physics is a game which does not require Internet online access. The goal of the game is to get the red ball to touch the yellow star. You can draw several items with the crayon on the screen and these things will come to life. For example, if you draw a circle, it will become a ball. Like the Fantastic Contraction which I wrote about last time, this is a very addictive game. You can download the demo version for free, and the full version costs about $20. However, my friends somehow have gotten the full version without buying it (maybe they managed to find the registration key from the Internet). The full version include other kinds of things like rope, rockets and up to more than 80 levels. The demo version has only about 20 levels, which are quite easy stuff. This game is very much like the Fantastic Contraption, except that your building area is the whole screen and you can continue to build even if the ball is moving.

Below is a demonstration of how it works:

Friday 13 February 2009

Criss Angel Magic Tricks (Cool!)

Criss Angel is an illusionist and magician, much like David Copperfield. Some of his tricks are quite amazing. They are usually quite unexpected and dramatic, even a simple coin trick.

Woman in half

Putting a hand through a person

Coin trick

Walk on water

Mirror tricks

You can search from the youtube how each trick is being done, by searching for "criss angel revealed" and the keywords e.g. "criss angel mirror tricks revealed".


Sunday 8 February 2009

SBS 2779A

Yesterday I took a special trip to the bus stop next to Lavender MRT as I wanted to take the bus 107M on SBS 2779A. My mother told me that she saw the bus arriving at about 3.20 pm, on one Saturday. I reached the bus stop at 3.15 pm, just on time to wait for the bus.

At 3.25 pm, the bus came (luckily, I didn't miss the bus!). I flagged down the bus. Upon boarding the bus, the first thing I noticed was that there was no music (it was supposed to be a Nokia mobile music bus). I stayed for 10 minutes before alighting, and took bus service 61 back to Lavender again. Along the way, I saw SBS 9810x (service 31) but I couldn't take it as I was on a bus on the opposite side. Then I went home.

Sunday 1 February 2009


Below are the buses that I would like to take as they are special. '*' means I have ridden on the bus before.

Refurbished :
SBS 293Y (spare bus)
SBS 436C (spare)
SBS 2812L (157)
SBS 2818X (16)
SBS 2696E (80)
SBS 2779A* (107M)
(refer to picture on left)
SBS 2837R* (175)

SBS 997A (62)
SBS 1688K (163)
SBS 2888T (518)
SBS 8030L (174)
SBS 8031J (17)
SBS 8033D* (183)
SBS 9810X (31)
SBS 9888Y (25)
SBS 9889U* (166)
SBS 2988M (105)
TIB 905Y (941)
TIB 838Y (172)
TIB 1024H (913)
SMB 1H (172)