Thursday 28 February 2008

PBC labs

PBC stands for physics, biology and chemistry. Let me describe what we have done in the PBC labs.

For physics, we did some practical exercises. We used some things like vernier callipers and micrometer screw gauge. Doing the practical is easy, but writing the lab report is not.

For Biology, we learnt how to use the microscope. We looked at some RBC(red blood cells) -- not ours -- E. coli -- you don't have to know what it is -- onion epidermal cells, cheek cells (ours!) -- etc. Again, the lab report is the difficult part.

For Chemistry, I've only been there once, which is today! Our teacher demonstrated some ways to separate mixtures, e.g. cupric sulfate, salt water. She mixed two transparent liquid (not water) and it miraculously turned yellow! It comprised a liquid and solid. She taught us how to separate both of them. An easy way was to just pour out all the water, but it's a little crude. A better way was to use centrifugal force to make the solid part go to the bottom of the liquid. She also burned the cupric sulfate (liquid) to turn it into solid white, and burned one tiny dot of iodine to become purple gas, which was toxic.

I like Chemistry practical the most! I feel like making a mess of all the chemicals and making an explosion. That would be fun. :)

Monday 25 February 2008

March Holiday QPS 6A'07 Party!

Ma'am has asked me to post this. (I think she will be sending the invitation card later)

There will be a gathering at Queens Condo Function Room on 10 March (Monday, March school holiday) from 4 pm - 8 pm. As usual, it is a pot luck so please bring something. No uncooked food is allowed, as this is NOT a BBQ! Please help to pass the message to other 6A'07 nians.

I will prepare ice, syrup drinks, marshmallow (3 packets) and ice lollipops.

As the swimming pool water is very cold in the night, a good time to swim is from 4.30 pm to 6 pm. If you are not swimming, you can play basketball (bring your own) or badminton too. Dinner will be at 6 pm.

Last year's 4 Dec party

Monday 18 February 2008

Swimming lesson

Today is my second swimming lesson. It was really a torture. Of course, I still cannot swim. and I think I never will.

At the Clementi Swimming Complex, we gathered at 7.45 am. 3 classes (101-103) were divided into 4 groups, with the forth group consisting of those who could not swim. Of course, I was in group 4. Of those in group 4, I was still one of the worst. Luckily, I was not the worst, Jonathan was :-). At least I am quite happy about that. I always somehow just took in water whenever I went underwater and kicked my leg at the same time. However, today I managed to use my nose to blow bubbles in the water, and opened my mouth when I was out of water.

I have five more lessons to go .. urgh!!

Wednesday 13 February 2008


Yesterday I took the AMC10A (American Math Contest) paper at 3.30 and was dismissed at 5. I answered all the 25 questions except 1 as I did not know what it means. When I went home, I checked the answers with my sister who also took the same AMC10 paper. I made a very careless mistake on 1 question and the question I did not do was actually extremely easy when my mother explained the question to me. If only I answered these 2 questions correctly, I would have gotten full score, or somewhere close.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Just some funny videos...

Just some videos to help you learn chemistry and history the fun way ... the first one, you can learn about periodic table (chemistry); the second one, you can learn about how Sir Stanford Raffles founded Singapore (history, however this is not true just for laugh only).