Monday 30 May 2022

APIO 2022 Singapore Team Results

 APIO 2022 Results

Singapore Team Results (Top 12 in Singapore)
Ranking, Name, Medal, Score, School
#1 Ashley Aragon Khoo, Gold, 260, NUSH
#53 Tan Si Jie, Silver, 187.36, NUSH
#78 Shen Xing Yang, Silver, 175.36. NUSH
#103 Zeng Minghao, Bronze, 167.97, Manjusri Sec
#112 Yu Zheyuan, Bronze, 165.36, NUSH
#165 Ryan See Weixuan, Bronze, 157.36, RI
#165 Tia Shi Wei, Bronze, 157.36, NUSH
#182 Huang Qirui, , 155.01, HCI
#231 Yaw Chur Zhe, , 145.2, HCI
#250 Joel Au Heng Hoi, , 143.71, NUSH
#252 Daniel Toh Jing En, , 142.36. NUSH
#260 Koh Jia Hng, , 139.26, RI

NUS 2021/2022 Semester 2 Exam Results

Lim Li's NUS Year 4 Semester 2 Exam Results 

*XFC4101 A

*account for both CS CAP and MA CAP 

Final CAP for Computer Science (CS): 4.94 / 5 (Awarded First Class Honours)
Final CAP for Mathematics (MA): 4.90 / 5 (Awarded First Class Honours)

Friday 27 May 2022

SMO Review Sessions & Mock Papers

[This is posted on behalf of Mr Way Tan]

Following the positive response to last year’s SMO review sessions on YouTube (total 14k views and counting!), I’ll be conducting review sessions again for this year’s SMO Round 1. The schedule and links are as follows:

SMO Junior: 1 Jun 3:00pm (

SMO Senior: 2 Jun 2:30pm (

SMO Open: 2 Jun 6:30pm (

New this time, I have also written a set of SMO mock papers, which you can find at the links below. It’ll be especially useful if you’ve run out of ‘fresh’ SMO papers to do! Their difficulty should be comparable to the more challenging years of the SMO.




Video solutions to all papers are being gradually released on my YouTube channel.

Hope you will find it helpful, and all the best for the SMO!

About Mr Way:

Mr Way recently graduated from NUS with Double Honours in Mathematics & Computer Science and was awarded the Leong Teng Kiang Memorial Prize (Best Student in Mathematics). He has also been a Math Olympiad Instructor with Maths Hub since 2016.

His achievements as a student include:

2nd (NMOS), 1st (RIPMWC), 2nd (SMOPS)

1st (SMO Junior), 1st (SMO Senior), 2nd (SMO Open)

First Prize (A*STAR Talent Search)

Gold Award (China Western Mathematics Invitational)

Member of SIMO National Team for 4 years

For any enquiries, you may contact Mr Way via WhatsApp (83682318), Telegram (@waytan97) or email (

Thursday 26 May 2022

Singapore IOI Team Members' University Destinations

I wrote a post on Singapore IMO Team Members' University Destinations here.

Below are the university (undergraduate and postgraduate) destinations of Singapore IOI team members in the last decade. Top 3 uni choices are NUS, MIT and CMU. Note that most of the guys have had to serve 2 years of compulsory National Service (NS) after their High School, before joining the University. Those guys and girls with no NS obligation are marked with #.

Name IOI Year(s) Attended High School Graduated (Year) University Attending/Attended for Undergraduate & PhD
Benson Lin Zhan Li
Adriel Tan Jean Ren
Leong Eu-Shaun
Li Yue Chen#
HCI (2020)
NUSH (2020)
RI (2020)
NUSH (2021)
NUS (?)
Jeffrey Lee2018-2019 NUSH (2019) NUS
Teow Hua Jun2018 HCI (2019) NUS
Gabriel Goh# 2018 NUSH (2018) NUS
Jacob Teo2015/6/8 NUSH (2018) MIT
Huang Xing Chen2017 NUSH (2018) NUS
Lim Li#2017 NUSH (2017) NUS
Zhang Guangxuan2016-2017 RI (2017) NUS
Pang Wen Yuen2015-2017 RI (2017) Waterloo
Clarence Chew2016 NUSH (2017) NUS
Feng Jiahai2014-2015 RI (2016) MIT
Howe Choong Yin# 2015 NUSH (2015) Cambridge
Ranald Lam 2012-2014 RI (2014) NUS
Mark Theng 2013-2014 HCI (2015) MIT
Wu Xinyu# 2014 RI (2014) CMU & CMU
Gan Wei Liang 2012-2013 HCI (2013) NUS
Bernard Teo 2012-2013 HCI (2013) NUS
Hubert Teo 2011-2012 RI (2012) Stanford
Shen Chuanqi2010-2011 RI (2011) CMU
Raymond Kang2009-2011 RI (2011) CMU
Chin Zhan Xiong2008-2011 RI (2011) UPenn
Daniel Wong2010HCI (2010) Cambridge & CMU
Lim Wei Zhong2008-2009 HCI (2009) NUS
Chiam Jia-Han2007-2009 RI (2009) Stanford
Lim Wei Quan2006-2008 HCI (2008) NUS & NUS

Wednesday 18 May 2022

European Summer Program on Rationality (ESPR) 2022

ESPR Homepage

The European Summer Program on Rationality (ESPR) is an immersive workshop for mathematically talented students with a desire to understand themselves and the world.

Where: Oxford, UK.

When: ESPR has two runs this year:

17th - 27th August

18th - 28th August

Who: Applicants between 16-19 years old.

Application is now open. Apply here by May 29th.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from game theory, cryptography, and mathematical logic, to AI safety, styles of communication, and cognitive science. The goal of the program is to help students hone rigorous, quantitative skills as they acquire a toolbox of useful concepts and practical techniques applicable in all walks of life.

ESPR’s tuition, room, and board are free for all admitted students. Travel scholarships are also available.

It is a good programme! Lim Li went in 2017, from 18 August to 1 September. Some photos can be found in this post.

Sunday 15 May 2022

Google Code Jam 2022 Round 2 Results

Google Code Jam 2022 Round 2 Results 

Top 10:

The top 1000 contestants in this round will advance to Round 3.

Singapore's participants in the top 1000:
Rank nickname (real name), score
#17 errorgorn (Ashley Aragorn Khoo), 80
#31 jonathanirvings (Jonathan Irvin Gunawan), 80
#32 nzqrc (Howe Choong Yin), 72
#71 limli (imposter, Huang Xingchen), 64
#76 limli (Lim Li), 64
#217 lovemathboy (Zhang Guangxuan), 46
#248 alien218, 46
#315 origenes, 46
#343 zengminghao (Zeng Minghao), 46
#373 btzy (Bernard Teo), 41
#384 suncup224 (Barry Tng), 41
#424 oneplusone (Lim Jeck), 41
#453 dantoh000 (Daniel Toh), 36
#468 some_username (Wang Yunrui), 36
#483 Zheyuan (Yu Zheyuan), 36
#488 pwypeanut (Pang Wen Yuen), 35
#503 pooty (Aloysius Lim), 35
#537 mofumofu, 35
#596 level51 (Guan Yang Ze), 35
#644 TrueBamboo, 35
#732 teekaytai, 35
#772 fenwicktree, 35
#918 4yn (Chang Si Yuan), 25
#957 anonymoussquid, 25

Sunday 1 May 2022

Sec/JC Maths/Science and Olympiad Tuition by RI Graduate

This is posted on behalf of an RI Graduate:

I am offering tuition to interested students. Here's a little bit about myself:

I graduated from Raffles Institution (JC). For A levels, I obtained 90RP and straight As in all H2 subjects taken (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics), as well as a Distinction for H3 Mathematics. I have obtained numerous Gold medals at the national Olympiads for Maths, Physics and Informatics, as well as a Silver medal at the International Physics Olympiad. I also have an offer from Trinity College, Cambridge University to read Computer Science.

I am able to give tuition to secondary and JC students during weekends for the following subjects:

  1. Maths (‘O’ and ‘A’ levels/Olympiad)
  2. Physics (‘O’ and ‘A’ levels/Olympiad)
  3. Chemistry (‘O’ and ‘A’ levels)
  4. Informatics (Olympiad)

If keen, please PM me @98982099

Thank you.

Google Code Jam 2022 Round 1C Results

Google Code Jam 2022 Round 1C Results 

The top 1500 contestants in this round will advance to Round 2. 

Singapore's participants in the top 1500

Rank nickname (real name), score 
#23 lovemathboy (Zhang Guangxuan), 73
#78 nzqrc (Howe Choong Yin), 73
#107 HuaJun07 (Teow Hua Jun), 56
#151 xaphoenix (Zhang Mingyuan), 56
#210 owl10124 (Shevonne Chia), 56
#220 lovemathboy (imposter), 56
#229 gerhean (Chan Ger Hean), 56
#288 (Li Xuanji), 56
#327 Momoofhappiness (Luke Tan), 56
#386 jiaqing23 (Tan Jia Qing), 56
#437 kai824 (Tan Yi Kai), 56
#520 ShichengChen (Chen Shicheng), 56
#544 emptyPringlesCan, 56
#645 timhox (Timothy Ho), 56
#666 origami10004, 56
#679 damianhxy (Damian Ho), 56
#684 xTheBHox, 56
#689 lfxd, 56
#738 mofumofu, 41
#744 Rawn_Yogn (Rawn Yogn), 41
#748 YeoBL, 41
#804 penguin133, 41
#879 gghx, 41
#883 Steiner, 41
#909 Tempest, 41
#1054 ongspxm, 34
#1090 Mc3x, 34
#1132 NgYongSiang (Ng Yong Siang), 34
#1234 chaoyue, 34
#1383 dmred, 34
#1409 funy, 34
#1469 AlphaJae, 34
#1499 zlxor, 34