Since young, I have always been wondering what's the purpose of life, and am intrigued with why we are born. Recently, I have read this book "You Were Born For A Reason - The Real Purpose of Life" by Kentetsu Takamori, Daiji Akehashi, Kentaro Ito. I think some of the writings in this book strike a chord with me.

Below are extracted from the book:
Why do we live? What is the purpose of life? Shinran's answer is unambiguous. "The purpose of is neither to amass money and treasure, nor to win honours and status. It is to have the source of suffering eradicated and be filled with joy, rejoicing that you were born human, and live in never-ending bliss."
The purpose of life is also expressed as "enjoying the benefit of sesshu fusha (being held fast and never forsaken)," or as muge no ichido (the path of no hindrance). Delight in being alive radiates from the pages of Shinran's masterwork Teaching, Practice, Faith, Enlightenment, which beings and ends with the words, "How joyful I am!" It is a manifestation of the blazing joy of one who has attained the purpose of life.
"Why is it wrong to take another person's life?" When a child asks this question, too often adults are at a loss, unable to give a satisfying reply. For adults as for children, the greatest sadness is not to know the joy of living.
Humanity is befuddled, unsure whether life has any meaning, or why those in pain should bother to carry on. Amid this general confusion, Shinran's words ring out loud and clear: "How wonderful it is to be born a human being!" Once the essential dignity of human life is understood, people should see why organ transplantation to extend life are worthwhile, why suicide is never a good option, why every human life is infinitely precious. Then, with doubts over the meaning of human existence resolved, each one can go resolutely forward to work on whatever besetting problems there may be.
Once life's true purpose is known, all trouble and suffering acquire meaning. Live for life's true purpose, and all your efforts are sure to be rewarded.