Friday 27 April 2012

Speech Day Photos

Receiving NUS High Tay Eng Soon Scholarship from  Mr Tan Peng Yam, CEO DSTA
Receiving DSO Star Award from Dr Hang, Principal

Saturday 14 April 2012

NUS High Speech Day 2012

Gamelan Ensemble performance outside the Library, for the guests, staff and award recipients.

Speech Day 2012 was held yesterday at the hall.  Subject prizes, DSO Star awards, CCA achievement awards, outstanding leadership awards, principal's list, best student prizes (top for each level), NUS High Scholarships and NUS High Tay Eng Soon Scholarships were presented.

Lim Jeck received the DSO Star Award and NUS High Tay Eng Soon Scholarship. Other awardees of the latter include: Ling Yan Hao and Qu Xinyi, both current Year 4 students.

Monday 9 April 2012

NUS High Tay Eng Soon Scholarship

Lim Jeck has been offered the inaugural NUS High Tay Eng Soon Scholarship :)

Tuesday 3 April 2012

NUS High Montage de Vita Concert

Montage de Vita - a showcase of NUS High's musically talented students, was held yesterday at NUS High Auditorium. It was very well organised, and the students who performed are clearly inclined in music (who says NUS High produces only Math & Science geeks!). My friend Sudha (Surya's mother) is a lucky woman - she has won a good Nikon camera at the lucky draw (top prize is an iPad3) !

There were many, many outstanding performances but unfortunately I only managed to video record a few.

Little White Boat 小白船,performed by MU1331 (Group Violin for Beginners module) students. It's impressive that they can play so well after only 10 weeks (1 hr per week) of lessons. Lim Li is 4th from the left.

Totoro トトロ, performed by Year 5 Music Majors & 2 Friends.

Tales of Vandosar, performed by NUS High School Orchestra.  Surya was seated behind playing the trumpet, you can't see her in the video.

Sunday 1 April 2012

Top in Singapore vs 2nd in the World

extracted from NUS High website - Math department achievements in 2011
This is quite amusing in the sense that it seems to be more important to produce the best Singaporean (highlighted) winner, beating all other schools in Singapore, than to have one as world 2nd! :)

Excuse from Lessons and Exemption from Exams

Last year, I wrote a post that the letters from NUSH were rather impersonal, without names. You can see that the student's name is reflected now :)

Lim Jeck has been excused from 10 days of lessons, 5 days for each selection test. Isn't it a relief (I mean, for me) that there are only 2 selection tests? Imagine if there are 4 selection tests, he may be excused from 20 days of lessons. I haven't mentioned all the IMO prepration intensive training and IMO competition days (another 20 days?), if he gets selected again this year. What about even more days off to prepare for the coming IOI selection tests?

Lim Jeck has also been exempted from the mid year English and Chinese exams, which fall on 25 Apr. His only NUSH exam is Chemistry, on 2 May. There is no Physics exam this semester; Computer Studies only has tests, no exam. He will be taking the MA2108S and MA1104 exams (NUS modules, not under purview of NUSH) though, which are scheduled for 26 Apr and 30 Apr respectively.

Afternote on 17 April - The NTST 2 has been postponed to 29 April and 1 May, hence Lim Jeck is exempted from all NUSH exams.