Monday 27 July 2020

NUSH Class of 2013 Friends Gathering and PhD destinations

Interestingly, all 6 of them will be pursuing PhD: (from left)
Wei Hao (MIT, Chemistry)
Jun Fu (Oxford, Chemistry)
Lim Jeck (Caltech, Mathematics)
Jit Wu (Harvard, Mathematics)
Anlong (MIT, Mathematics)
Sean (Cambridge, Physics)

Besides the above, quite a number of NUSH Class of 2013 alumni are also pursuing PhD:
Zijian (Cambridge, Engineering)
Hansol (Max Planck, Physics)
Ian Foo (Caltech, Physics)
Daryl Jude (UCB, Bioengineering)
Nikhil (Clemson, Materials Engineering)
Aristotle (UK?)
Muhammad Arif (NUS, Physics)
Jonathan Lau (NUS, Physics)
Glenn Quek (NUS, Chemistry)
Kyra Wang (SUTD)

Quite a feat for a small cohort of just 200 students!

With Compliments from Google Singapore

Received today

Received on 13 June

Leftmost t-shirt was received on 16 June. code jam t-shirts were won from Code Jam competitions

Friday 17 July 2020

From Google Singapore

Google Singapore is quite a generous and caring employer! Lim Li has been working from home for her internship with Google Singapore since the beginning of her summer break. So far Google has delivered to her a computer notebook, console, intern T-shirts, backpack, caps, google spectacles, etc., and just yesterday, a box of snacks (see above image).

Friday 10 July 2020

IMO 2020 Singapore Team

The 61st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) will be held from 16 - 26 September 2020. It will be a virtual event due to Covid-19. It will be hosted by the State Pedagogical University of Russia (Herzen University).

Singapore Team comprises the following students:
(not in order of ranking)
Aloysius Ng Yangyi, RI Year 6 (IMO 2019 Silver)
David Toh Hui Kai, RI Year 6 (IMO 2019 Silver)
Tan Wee Kean, RI Year 6 (IMO 2019 Silver)
Tan Xu Chen, RI Year 6 (IMO 2019 Silver)
Low Choo Ray, RI Year 5
Hu Xinghui, RGS Year 4