Wednesday 20 February 2013

Home Tuition

*Important Note: from 1 August 2013 onwards, this post is no longer valid*

Interested in having home tuition for your kids?

We are a group of ex-students from RI(JC) giving home tuition. We teach in the North, West, East, North-East,  Central (Redhill-Queenstown area).

We teach the following subjects:
Pri 1-3: Math, English
Pri 4-6: Math, Science
Sec 1-4: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
JC 1-2: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, History

Grades of tutors will be provided upon request, please be rest assured that we get As (or A* for PSLE) in the subjects which each of us are teaching, and that we are confident enough to teach them :) :) Most of us have prior teaching experience too (home tuition or relief teaching).

Interested, please email me (Lim Min) at

Posted by Lim Min

Bollywood movie - 3 Idiots

I have watched this Indian film recently on Youtube.

3 Idiots is easily one of the best Bollywood films that I have watched. One important theme in the movie is "follow your heart". In Singapore, it is common for parents to want their children to pursue a degree in Medicine or Law, hoping that they will become successful doctors or lawyers in the future (after watching the movie, I guess in India, the most prestigious job is Engineer). It is as if other degrees/jobs are considered inferior.

I would strongly urge all high school students and their parents to watch this movie. Parents - do let your children pursue their dreams! Passion leads to excellence!