Saturday 28 November 2009

Case Closed

This comic series is about a 17-year-old high school prodigious detective named Jimmy Kudo who was turned into a small tiny first-grader (and thereafter known as Conan Edogawa) after 2 men in black poisoned him. Read to find out how Conan solved many mysteries and criminal cases ... you can either borrow the comic books from the library or read from

You can also watch the episodes on youtube.

My sisters and I like such detective stories!

Sunday 22 November 2009

How to get Rank 1 in CSU Math Contest

This week, both my younger sister and I were ranked 1st in the CSU (Columbus State University) Math Contest

How to get Rank 1?
- Go to the CSU Math Contest website slightly before 1 pm on Monday
- Get ready a calculator and whatever materials you may need (e.g. pen, paper)
- The questions would be uploaded promptly at 1 pm. If you are not sure if the time on your watch is accurate, refresh your web page every few seconds
- You have to do the questions real fast!

Thursday 19 November 2009

My Semester 2 Results

As expected, Chinese and English are my worst subjects.

Chinese: B+ (4.0)
English: B (3.5)
Chemistry: A+ (5.0)
Physics: A+ (5.0)
Maths Calculus: A+ (5.0)
Maths Honours: A+ (5.0)
VB .Net Programming: A+ (5.0)
Kitchen Chemistry: Merit

A+ >=85 (5.0), A >=80 (5.0), A- >=75 (4.5), B+ >=70 (4.0), B >=65 (3.5), etc.

Overall, I am happy with my CAP/Semestral GPA of 4.7.

Teachers' Comments

Chinese 2B - Jeck writes well but he has to maintain consistency in his performance. He is a pleasant student who is capable of attaining better results.

Foundation Chemistry 2 - Lim Jeck has done well in this module. He has no difficulty understanding the concepts taught, and is able to acquire new knowledge quickly, as well as transfer his knowledge to other contexts. He has very high academic potential.

Kitchen Chemistry - Lim Jeck is a bright boy who shows interest in the practical sessions. He has the ability to do better for the module with more consistent effort to produce quality work.

Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming - Lim Jeck is a very bright boy who has the potential to do well in computing. He is always able to pick up the concepts taught quickly and apply them immediately to a problem posed. He is strongly encouraged to explore further in the area of computing.

Language for Literary and Functional Purpose - Jeck is a sincere and cheerful student who takes pride in his work. However, he should seek help whenever in doubt. Do participate more actively in class discussions too!

Calculus I - Jeck is well above his peers in terms of his mathematical talent.

Polar Coordinates, Parametric and Vector Functions - Jeck is well-behaved and attentive in class. He does all his assignments and submits them punctually. He has shown great enthusiasm in his learning.

Foundational Physics II - Lim Jeck is a smart student whose strong Math foundation helps him a lot in Physics. He is capable of independent work of excellent quality. His potential in Physics should be treated equally as his Math.

Mentor Remarks : Conduct: Very Good. Jeck is a polite, cheerful and humble student who has done extremely well in the various Mathematics competitions, bringing much glory to the school. Despite his numerous achievements, he treats his peers humbly and adopts a serious attitude towards his studies, in pursuit of even better results. However, he should learn to speak up more in class.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, and holidays begins!

Sunday 15 November 2009

Random Drawing on Palm PDA

My sisters and I have created the following clip on our Tungsten palm PDA. There are a total of 1576 drawings that we have created (over many days). Some parts are not so clear as our camera shook a bit when we took the video.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Creative Thai Commercials

I think the Thai people must be one of the more creative people around. Their commercials are much more creative and funny as compared to those we see in Singapore.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Random Images from IMO 2009

We were given the contest problems in 2 languages (in our case, English & Chinese), 20 sheets of paper to do our work, 1 sheet of paper for asking a question to the jury, 3 coloured problem folders per day, and five coloured cards (see below, self-explanatory) which we could use anytime during the competition.

1 coloured folder to contain solution to 1 question. Total 2 white folders (to contain 3 coloured folders for each day), and 6 coloured folders for the 2-day competition.

Day 1 problems.

My solution to Question 1. Scored 7 marks for this.

My solution to Question 2. Scored 7 marks again.

Wrote something for Question 3, to score a miserable 1 mark.

Day 2 problems.

My solution to Question 4. Scored 3 marks for partial solution.
Could not solve Question 5 & 6. Got zero marks for them.
Total score: 18 marks.

Sunday 1 November 2009

New Vocabulary

I have learnt a few new English words. Usually I learn new vocabulary from watching cartoons, as I hate to read books.

I am gauche.
My younger sister can be morose at times.
My older sister guffaws a lot.
My mother dislikes anything that is gaudy.
My father is an autocrat and a tyrant.

Cows are stout, chickens are gangling.