Saturday 27 July 2013

IMO 2013 Results Out!

The IMO 2013 results were released this morning.

China (Total score 208, 5 Gold 1 Silver) is ranked first, followed by Korea (Total score 204, 5 Gold 1 Silver) and USA (Total score 190, 4 Gold 2 Silver).

Singapore is ranked 6th (Total score 182, 1 Gold 5 Silver).

Country Results. Total 97 countries. Full listing is here.
No one has a perfect score this year. Lim Jeck is ranked 3rd, and he scored 40 marks, just 1 mark short of the two top scorers, from China and Korea.

Individual Results. Total 528 participants. Full listing is here.

Results of Singapore Team
From left: Eugene, Siah Yong, Yan Hao, Lim Jeck, David and Yijia
Lim Jeck's results from 2009 to 2013. This is his last year taking part in IMO.
Lim Jeck is currently ranked 8th in the IMO Hall of Fame :)

Thursday 25 July 2013

IMO 2013 - Photos

The Day 1 and Day 2 competition are over. You can see the problems here and IMO 2013 discussion in general in the Art of Problem Solving forum. The next two days will be coordination of problems for the observers, and excursion for the participants.

Beautiful suite where the students and observers stay (3 students stay in a 2-rm suite, 3 observers stay in 3-rm suite).  This is the living and dining area.
Kitchen with washing machine
Every one looked exhausted after a 40+-hour trip (changing 3 flights with transit and stopovers) from Singapore to Santa Marta.
Very rare to see Lim Jeck grinning from ear to ear, in a picture

View of Carribbean Sea, from the hotel suite

Can you see the arrow formation of the birds?
Most photos are contributed by Mr Teo.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

IBO and IChO 2013 Singapore Team Results

The International Biology Olympiad (IBO) 2013 results:
Gold Benny Cheong (HCI) ranked #4
Gold Stanley Quek (NUSH) ranked #5
Gold John Yap (HCI) ranked #10
Gold Zhao Xing Liang, (HCI) ranked #22

Both US Team and Singapore Team won 4 Gold. US is overall 1st, Singapore Team is 2nd.

The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) 2013 results:
Gold Chua Anlong (NUSH) ranked #12
Gold Cao Yuxin (RI) ranked #18
Gold Lin Yongjie (RI) ranked #19
Bronze Fang Haitian 

IChO 2013's top performing countries are: China (3 Gold 1 Silver, overall ranked 1st with individual rankings #1, #2 and #5), Taiwan (3 Gold 1 Silver), Korea (3 Gold 1 Silver), Singapore (overall ranked 4th with 3 Gold 1 Bronze), Russia, Kazakhstan, US and India (2 Gold each)

Congratulations to our Singapore Teams!!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Off to Santa Marta, Colombia

From left: Mr Wang Haibin (Deputy Leader), David Lin, Gabriel Wong (Observer), Lim Jeck, Eugene Lee, Siah Yong, Yijia, Yan Hao, Ivan Loh (Observer), Mr Thomas Teo (Observer)
The Singapore IMO 2013 delegation has left for Santa Marta, Colombia, this morning at 0300 hrs. They are flying by SQ62 (Singapore - Houston, 23 hrs), VA1009 (Houston - Bogota, 5 hrs) and AV8484 (Bogota - Santa Marta, 1.5 hrs).

Colombia's time zone (GMT-5) is 13 hrs behind Singapore's time zone (GMT+8). The opening ceremony will be held on 22 July (Monday) at 1100 hr local time or 23 July (Tuesday) 0000 hr Singapore time.

The programme for IMO 2013 is as follows:

Sunday July 21 Arrival of Teams
Monday July 22 Opening Ceremony
Tuesday July 23 Competition Day 1
Wednesday July 24 Competition Day 2
Thursday July 25 Coordination & Excursion
Friday July 26 Coordination & Excursion
Saturday July 27 Closing Ceremony
Sunday July 28 Departure from Santa Marta
Wednesday July 31 Arrival in Singapore

All the best to Singapore Team!

Monday 15 July 2013

IPhO 2013 Singapore Team Results

Singapore IPhO team mascot Penguin receiving IPhO Gold Medal
Congratulations to Singapore Team for winning 4 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal in IPhO 2013. Singapore Team is unofficially ranked 3rd, out of 83 countries (with a total of 381 participants) which participated in this year's IPhO.

A total of 41 Gold medals, 64 Silver medals, 101 Bronze medals and 64 Honorable Mention awards are given out during the closing ceremony. The overall winner is Szabo Attila from Hungary.

Both China and South Korea teams have secured 5 Gold medals each, and are unofficially ranked 1st in IPhO 2013. Other top performing countries include: Russia (4 Gold), US (3 Gold), Taiwan (3 Gold), Iran (3 Gold), Thailand (3 Gold), Hungary (2 Gold), Vietnam (2 Gold) and Romania (2 Gold).

Singapore Team Results

Gold: Sean Seet (NUSH) ranked #4
Gold: Daniel Mark (RI) ranked #11
Gold: Lim Jeck (NUSH) ranked #13
Gold: Byorn Tan (NUSH) ranked #17
Silver: Ashwin (RI) ranked #42 (he missed Gold by a mere 0.1 mark!. See Final marks and medals)

Full Results at IPhO 2013 Official website

Interestingly, the China Post reported here that the Taiwan students who won gold, silver, and bronze medals will receive awards of NT$200,000 (S$8500 or US$6700), NT$100,000 and NT$50,000, respectively, and recommendations for admission to a Taiwanese university for physics related study, according to Taiwan's Education Ministry policy. In Vietnam, the IPhO gold medalist was presented VND50 million (S$3000) as reported here. In Singapore, students who have won International Olympiad medals do not receive any monetary rewards from the Ministry of Education. However, the Singapore Mathematical Society will give awards of S$1000 (US$790), S$500 and S$250 to IMO gold, silver and bronze medalists respectively. The National University of Singapore's Faculty of Science will give discretionary admission (usually comes with a scholarship) to the local International Math & Science Olympiad medal winners.

Friday 12 July 2013

CWMI 2013 Singapore Team

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to represent Singapore in the China Western Mathematical Invitational (CWMI) competition which will be held from 15th August to 20th August, in Lanzhou, Gansu province.

Sheldon Kieren Tan, RI Year 3
Clarence Chew, NUSH Year 2
Tan LiKai, RI Year 2
Teh Juin Harn, RI Year 5
Chua Zhe Xuan, RI Year 4
Glen Lim, RI Year 3
Ma Zhao Yu, RI Year 2
Dylan Toh, NUSH Year 1

Thursday 11 July 2013

IPhO 2013 Theoretical & Experiemental Exams

Interesting spiral physics building, where students took the theoretical exam
Theoretical exam on 9 July

Experimental exam (left 2 pictures) on 11 July
Updated on 14 July:
From the 13 July newsletter. You can see Lim Jeck and Daniel at the top right of the image.

Monday 8 July 2013

IPhO 2013 Opening Ceremony

You can watch the opening ceremony on YouTube or here. Singapore team appears 1:21:12 and 1:45:30 into the videos, respectively.

Singapore Team is featured on the right!

Sunday 7 July 2013

Off to Copenhagen, Denmark

From left: Lim Jeck, Sean Seet, Byorn Tan, Daniel Mark, Ashwin
The IPhO 2013 Singapore Team flew to Frankfurt on SQ26, at 2355 hr last night. The flight duration will be 12 hrs 35 mins. From Frankfurt, they will take SK640 on Business Class (free upgrade!) to Copenhagen. The flight will take 1 hr 20 mins.

Denmark's time zone is GMT+2:00, which is 6 hrs behind Singapore's time (i.e. 9 am in Denmark is 3 pm in Singapore).

The programme is as follows:

Sunday 7 July Arrival in Copenhagen and registration
Monday 8 July Official opening ceremony, Excursion
Tuesday 9 July Theoretical examination
Wednesday 10 July Excursion
Thursday 11 July Experimental examination
Friday 12 July Excursion
Saturday 13 July Excursion
Sunday 14 July Official closing ceremony
Monday 15 July Departure
Tuesday 16 July Arrival in Singapore

Wednesday 3 July 2013

CGMO 2013 Singapore Team

The following students from NUS High have been selected to represent Singapore for the China Girls Mathematical Olympiad (CGMO) 2013, which will be held in Ningbo, China from 10th to 15th August 2013:

Surya Mathialagan, Year 4
Toh Wei Qi, Year 5
Hsiao I Ann, Year 3
Lim Li, Year 2 :)

Monday 1 July 2013

Mr Ng and Ms Chai Tied the Knot (Finally!)

Both Mr Ng and Ms Chai taught Lim Min and Lim Li in Queenstown Primary School. Mr Ng was their form teacher and Math & Science teacher, whereas Ms Chai was their Higher Chinese teacher.