Saturday 31 May 2008

Attention 6A'07 QPS friends

There is a gathering on 3rd June (Tuesday) at Queens Condo, BBQ Pit No. 2.

Please bring food as it is a pot luck. If you are going to play in the pool (even if you are not swimming), you must bring swimming attire! I have booked the badminton court from 5 - 6 pm.

I heard some of us are going for a movie first. Check with Yenyi for the details.

Please help to pass the message to our friends. See you all there!

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)

I spent a total of 5 hours doing the SMO, both Junior and Open categories, on different days. The questions in the Junior category were apparently much easier than those in the Open category. I could do all the 35 questions in the SMO (Junior), however, after checking the answers with my sister, I think I made 4 careless mistakes so I might get the same marks as last year (31/35). For the SMO (Open), I did 19 questions but after checking with another NUS High student and someone's answers, I think I probably got about 15/25. Some of the answers were quite interesting, like 66666, 99999 and 2008.

I still have one more year to take the SMO (Junior), two more years to take the SMO (Senior) and five more years to take the SMO (Open).

Sunday 25 May 2008

First Week of 1-Month School Holiday

My school holiday started last Friday, immediately after the Year 1 Camp. The first week of holiday is a busy week for me.

27/5 - Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Junior 9.30 am - 12.00 noon
28/5 - SMO Open 9.30 am - 12.00 noon
29/5 - Physics Enrichment Camp Day 1 at NUS Physics Dept 8.30 am - 5.30 pm
30/5 - Physics Enrichment Camp Day 2 8.30 am - 5.30 pm

I think there may be a gathering with my primary school friends too.

I don't think we are going overseas during the holidays as my sister is going to Shen Zhen from 12 - 20 Jun for Advanced Maths training (for RGS and RI students). Maybe we will just go to Escape Theme Park.

Thursday 22 May 2008

3D2N Year 1 Camp at Pasir Ris

Day 1

At 7.40 am, we went to our mentor classrooms first. Our instructor Eugene (Krabs) sounded really like Mr Ang, our discipline master, looked like Mr Ang and spoke like Mr Ang. His "cliche" is "See, it wasn't that difficult right?" From 8-9 am, we waited for the bus under the hot, scorching sun with our extremely heavy and bulky bags. When we reached the campsite under the burning sun with our loads, we... waited, again. For? I forgot. I even forgot whether we waited or not. I left my bags under the scorching sun for 5 minutes and touched the zip. You know what I meant. Later we went to a chalet and played silly games like MRT and The Lost Shepherd. In the MRT we had "tracks" to build a path for the ball to move to a bucket. The lost shepherd was a game where you had to give directions to a blindfolded guy to look for something. Later we play "kidnapped". The game organiser randomly chose someone from each class to be kidnapped, unfortunately it was me. They took 10 minutes to tie me up and I took only 10 secs to be freed. However, I spent 1.5 hours waiting, and I had no idea what had happened before my group finally found me. Later we went to sleep with 13 boys in a small room with only 2 twin beds. I slept on the bed, while some of my friends slept on sleeping bags.

Day 2

We played sillier games. One of them was multi-level captain's ball. Every round we added one new object. There were 5 objects on the 5th round. The basketball was worth 10 points, the smaller blue ball was worth 20 points, the even smaller red ball was worth 30 points, the even even smaller ping pong ball was worth not 40 points but 50 points and the chicken (real but raw and dead) was worth 100 points. Someone tore the chicken meat into pieces (as each piece was worth 100 points) and it was gross. One of my schoolmates got slashed by the chicken beak. As expected, we got the least points. Later we played the not-so-amusing amusing race. I was too lazy to write the details. Then we had the campfire at night. Every class had to perform and our performance was apparently the worst. One of the year two classes performed a skit "How to be ****". I couldn't even hear what they were saying, all I knew was that the "How to be ninja", "How to be gangster", "How to be emo" and "How to be nerd" from Youtube were way better. Later we... ZZZZZZZZ...

Day 3
Home sweet home at 1.30 pm.

Btw, we had not sat on a chair (seat) ever since we arrived at the campsite, other than on the bus. So you know how wobbly my legs were. I slept till dinner time.

Friday 16 May 2008

My Final Mid Year Results!

Today I got my semestral progress report.

BL1101 Basics of Cell Biology: A- (4.5)
BL1103 Nutrition and the Human Alimentary Canal: B+ (4.0)
CL1101 Chinese 1A: B (3.5)
CM1101 Properties of Matter: A- (4.5)
EL1103 Developing Language Skills: C (2.0)
GE1101 People, Place & Nation: B- (3.0)
MA2108 Geometry: A+ (5.0)
MA3210V Combinatorial Game Theory: A (5.0)
MA4202V Advanced Mathematical Olympiad Training IV: A (5.0)
MU1101 Basic Musicianship: A (5.0)
PC1110 Foundational Physics I: A+ (5.0)

I think I am satisfied with my Grade Point Average CAP/GPA of 4.11 (maximum is 5.0) . Next semester, I aim to get 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751...
+ 0.00000000001
x 100000000000

x 1.1

Monday 12 May 2008

My MYE Results!

I got back all my mid year exam (SA) results.

BL1101 - A-
BL1103 - A-
CL1101 - C+
CM1101 - B+
EL1103 - D+
GE1101 - C+
MA2108 - A+
MA3210V - A+
MA4202V - A
MU1101 - A+
PC1110 - A+

A+ is >=85, A is >=80, A- is >=75, B+ is >=70 and so on. I do not know my final results yet (after adding CA). Hope that after adding the CA marks, my B will become A, C will become B and D will become C. All the As should remain As.

Friday 9 May 2008

Hilarious Tetris Games

Funny Tetris Levels. Quite out of your expectation.

Human Tetris. Some of the participants are so "dumb". I think I would be able to clear most of the obstacles.

Friday 2 May 2008

Finally! (do you notice that I used this title before?)

The exams are finally over! I am so happy I fell like repeating it again. The exams are finally over! I am still so happy, how about repeating it again 3 more times? The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over! Let's do it again! The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over! The exams are finally over...

Er... Actually, there is still one more paper... that is the Advanced Maths Olympiad IV, next Wed. At least this Year 4 module is definitely easier than the Year 1 Geography!

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