Wednesday 26 November 2008

"Magic - The Science of Illusion" at Science Centre

This is an illusion of the disembodied head, demonstrated by my father. The exhibit uses mirrors and principle of angles of reflection to make the illusion effective.

This is me.
Lim Li was relaxing herself in the "Mind Ball" game. In this experiment, two competitors wearing a brain signal detector around the forehead, sat opposite each other, with a ball between them. You must relax as much as possible to help push the ball to the opponent. She won twice!

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Holidays = Jigsaw Puzzle Time!

I like to fix jigsaw puzzles. These are the puzzles that I have fixed so far since the holidays started.

The 'Mother & Child' and the Japan scenary puzzles are 1000-pc. They are good quality puzzles with interlocking pieces, but are quite difficult to fix as there are not many unique colours/patterns. I took a few days to fix them.

The above puzzles are also 1000-pc, but very easy to fix since they are cartoon types.
Sometimes when I find it boring fixing from the front, I will fix from behind (see puzzle on the left), then turn the pieces over. The completed puzzle is below.

After completing the puzzle, I would divide the puzzle into several equal portions, pile them up in a stack and then wrap them up in an unused paper (see the left picture). During the next holidays, I will unwrap the paper, dismantle the puzzle into individual pieces and then fix again.

I have more than 30 puzzles at home, and have fixed each of them many times. Anyone has new, challenging puzzles for me to fix???

Friday 14 November 2008

My Year End Results!

Today I got my semestral progress report.

AX1018 Innovation Programme: Merit
BL1102 Diversity of Life: A- (4.5)
CL1102 Chinese 1B: B (3.5)
CM1105 Atoms, Molecules and Stoichiometry: A+ (5.0)
EL1104 Developing Language Skills II: B (3.5)
FA1110 2D Basic: A- (4.5)
HY1101 From Settlement to Singapore (1930s - 1970s): B+ (4.0)
MA1109 Foundational Mathematics II: Exempted
MA1201 IT in Mathematics (GSP) and Loci: A+ (5.0)
MA2104 Trigonometry I: Exempted
MA2109 Basic Statistics and Probability: Exempted
MA3103 Trigonometry II: A+ (5.0)
MA3113 Functions and Graphs: A+ (5.0)
MA4204V Number Theory: B+ (4.0)
MU1341 Group Keyboard For Beginners: Merit
PC1104 Force, Motion and Energy: A+ (5.0)

A+ >=85 (5.0), A >=80 (5.0), A- >=75 (4.5), B+ >=70 (4.0), B >=65 (3.5), etc.

I am happy with my Semestral Grade Point Average GPA/CAP of 4.37 (maximum is 5.0). There is a slight improvement over my last Semestral GPA :-)

Sunday 9 November 2008

Sunday 2 November 2008

Crystal Balls

Guess what's the above? The tiny balls are in their original state, and they become the large, clear and beautiful crystal balls after being placed in water for 3-5 hrs. Well, it is commonly called 4D Crystal Soil, its chemical components are Potassium Hydroxide/Acrylic Acid/Polyacrylamide/Others. It is used in indoor plants for decorative purposes. It's made from water absorbent polymer which can absorb up to 200 times of its weight in water. It can store and hold water and nutrition, which is steadily released as the plants needs are required. 4D Crystal-Soil can prevent insects and bacteria problem which usually occurs in ordinary soil. It's non-toxic, biodegradable and safe. Cool, right?