Saturday 18 October 2014

SIMO Senior Team 2014/2015

SIMO Senior Team 2014/2015 (33)

NUS High (13)
Matthew Chia, Y1
Daniel Leong, Y1
Zhang Xiaorui, Y1
Elizabeth Chow, Y1
Ho Pin Hui, Y2
Jacob Teo, Y2
Gabriel Goh, Y2
Joshua Teo, Y2
Ker Chin Tian, Y2
Jedidiah Koh, Y3
Lim Li, Y3
Lee Zheng Han, Y3
Daniel Low, Y4

RI (15)
Khor Jun Wei, Y1
Li Chenxu, Y1
Liu Siyong, Y1
Ang Ben Xuan, Y2
Caleb Leow Yong Quan, Y2
Chen Luting, Y2
Lee Ker Yang, Y2
Isaac Lee Yong Le, Y2
Rohith Srinivas, Y2
Seah Fengyu, Y2
Wang Jianzhi, Y2
Zhang Guang Xuan, Y3
Lee Yu Tse, Y4
Lee Yuan, Y4
Shi Jing Lin, Y4

HCI (2)
Ng Yu Peng, Y1
Goh Hong Pei, Y3

Primary Schools (3)
Lucas Boo Tse Yang, Nanyang Primary, P5
Timothy Ho Li Xiong, ACS(I) Primary, P6
Tan Wee Kean, Catholic Primary, P6

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Good Books and Resources for Mathematical Olympiad

Some people asked me to recommend good books/resources to prepare for Mathematical Olympiad (MO), such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad and the International Mathematical Olympiad.  As my kids don't read many books (not even Math books), I can't really recommend any good books.

IfeTahu (click it to refer to his post at Art of Problem Solving), a IMO 2014 participant from US team, has recommended the following MO books:

"101 Problems in Algebra", "102 Combinatorial Problems", "104 Number Theory Problems" by Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
"Number Theory - Structures, Examples and Problems" by Andreescu and Dorin Andrica
"Geometry Revisited" by H.S.M. Coxeter and S.L. Greitzer
"Plane Euclidean Geometry - Theory and Problems" by Christopher Bradley
"A Course in Combinatorics" by Wilson and Van Lint
"Enumerative Combinatorics" by Stanley
"Graph Theory" by Diestel covers difficult combinatorics for IMO level
"The Probabilistic Method" by Alon and Spencer "MOP 2006 Homework Problems" - This handout was used to train the US IMO 2006 Team, and it contains a lot of extremely difficult problems in algebra, number theory, geometry and combinatorics.

Some of the above books may be available on the Internet. Go google them.

Another way to improve your MO skills is to regularly visit Art of Problem Solving (AoPS, Lim Jeck's favorite website. He is "oneplusone" at AoPS ) to solve and post MO problems.

Monday 13 October 2014

NUS Computer Science Class of 1987 Gathering

Class of '87. Department of Information Systems and Computer Science, National University of Singapore.
Dinner at Paradise Inn @ 313 Somerset, 9 October 2014.
From left: Pue Sieng, Bee Sim, Nandini, me, Beng Cheng, Lee Kiow

Sunday 5 October 2014

SIMO National Team 2014/2015

SIMO National Team 2014/2015 (18)

Cheng Puhua, Y1
Tan Likai, Y3
Ma Zhaoyu, Y3
Sheldon Tan, Y4
Liu Yijia, Y4
Liu Tianyi, Y4
Glen Lim, Y4
Yang Gan, Y4
David Lin, Y5
Eugene Lee, Y5
Tan Siah Yong, Y5

NUS High
Joel Tan, Y1
Dylan Toh, Y2
Clarence Chew, Y3
Matthew Fan, Y3
Howe Choong Yin, Y5

Bryan Wang, Y3

Li Anqi, Y2

Training for SIMO National Team and Senior Team will start on 18th October 2014 (Saturday).