Saturday 29 November 2014

SG Cares - Volunteering Opportunities in Singapore

For those who are keen to do volunteer work in Singapore, but who are concerned about time commitment once you have signed up for volunteerism with an organisation/group/individuals, look no further than SG Cares, which has ample flexible volunteering opportunities. You can choose to volunteer with the elderly, disabled, environment and the arts, among many other different causes in the community. There’ll be an activity to interest every volunteer.

You can check out the monthly calendar for any activity that you are interested in. For example, SG Cares' December 2014 activity calendar is as follows. Read the FAQ for more details.

Start volunteering today!

Monday 17 November 2014

Clean & Green Singapore Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Our team A (comprising Lim Jeck, Lim Min and myself) was the only team among 15 competing teams which completed the puzzle, and emerged the champion to win $210 NTUC Fairprice vouchers. Our team B came in 3rd, and won $120 NTUC Fairprice vouchers. Clarence Chew & family team won a consolation prize with $60 NTUC Fairprice vouchers.

Friday 14 November 2014

Year 3 Semester 2 Progress Report

Lim Li's Year 3 Semester 2 results are as follows:

BL3106 Basic Animal Physiology II B
CL3102 Chinese 3B B+
CM3108 Advanced Chemistry II B+
CM3306 CheMagic Pass
CS3204 Object Oriented Programming I A-
DV3101 Research Methodology Merit
DV4201 Independent Research Project Merit
EC3102 Foundation Microeconomics I B+
EL3103 Introduction to Expositions B
MA3115 Advanced Mathematics II A+
PC3110 Mechanics A+
PC3201 Physics Olympiad Training I A-

Semestral Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.3
Cumulative Average Point (CAP): 4.5

Mentor's Remarks

Conduct: Very Good
Lim Li is a motivated student with an enquiring mind.  She is bright, conscientious and hardworking. Lim Li has the determination to do well in her studies and successfully handles multiple demands from teachers and peers. This semester, she had represented the school in the China Girls Mathematical Olympiad (CGMO 2014) and won the silver medal. Well done, Lim Li!

Tuesday 4 November 2014

AIO 2014 Results

Some 275 students from Australia, Singapore and New Zealand attempted the Intermediate and Senior divisions of the Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO) 2014. There were 23 Gold, 45 Silver and 75 Bronze Awards.

Singapore's award winners are as follows:

Intermediate Division

Jacob Teo, NUS High
Lim Li, NUS High
Lee Zen Been, NUS High
Nicholas Teo, NUS High
Wayne Tee, NUS High
Clarence Chew, NUS High

Qiu Siqi, NUS High
Feng Xinyuan, NUS High
Tan Wei Liang, NUS High
Jedidiah Koh, NUS High
Daniel Low, NUS High
Daniel Sim, NUS High
Pranav Dahiya, National JC
Ian Yong, NUS High
Le Tran Kien, National JC
Choo Yi Kai, NUS High
Leong Yu Siang, NUS High
Koh Jin Ming, NUS High

Quek Sze Leong, NUS High
Jerome Leow, Dunman High
Chua Hou, NUS High
Ong Chung Yean, NUS High
Shashvat Shukia, NUS High
Marion Pang, NUS High
Khai Yew Jen, National JC
Wayne Lim, NUS High
Sonia Arumuganainar, NUS High
Tan Jun Hong, NUS High
Bryan Lim, Anderson JC
Tan Qi En, NUS High
Isaac Ong, Dunman High
Sahad Zahir, NUS High
John Zhou, NUS High
Rayhan Rahadian, NUS High
Zachary Teo, Anderson JC

Senior Division

Howe Choong Yin, NUS High
Pan Song, Dunman High
Chong Shao Wei, NUS High
Ryan Chew, NUS High

Muhd Irham Rasyidi, NUS High
Jerrold Tan, NUS High
Uriel Tan, NUS High
Lee Yi Min, NUS High
Yu Shiyang, NUS High
Wang Zexin, Dunman High
Eliot Lim, NUS High

Sui Dongchen, Dunman High
Sean Pek, NUS High
Lee Changyoon, NUS High
Liu Chengpei, National JC
Dee Pei Fang, NUS High
Leow Wen Bin, NUS High
Lim Yu Chen, NUS High
Michelle Angelica Anthony, NUS High
Wu Chenmu, Dunman High
He Miao, National JC
Leong Xuhua, Dunman High
Bryan Ong, Dunman High

Full list of winners and their scores