Tuesday 24 March 2009


Translated to English:
A teacher drew an apple on the blackboard.
"What is this?"
The teacher was so angry that she cried. She complained to the principal, who came into the class, took a glance at the blackboard, and queried, "Who bullied your teacher with this drawing of a backside?"

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Math Enrichment Workshop

Yesterday and today, I attended the Math Enrichment Workshop organised by the Gifted Education Branch.

The first day was held at Duman High. All of us were divided into 20+ groups and we played some games in 2 groups. Not all the games were related to Maths. The non Maths-related games were to help us know our own groupmates better. After that, we were back to our groups and we did a sudoku. The sudoku was not a 9x9 one, but a 16x16. It's harder than I thought and the leader of every group was not allowed to tell us the answer. However, our leader cheated and gave us some hints. Other leaders probably did the same. After that we had our lunch and went for our concurrent sessions. Mine was on Graph and Vertex Colouring.

The next day, we were supposed to reach Dunman High at 8.00am. However, I proceeded to Marina Barrage directly and arrived at 1.30pm, as I had to go for AIME in the morning. I think I did really badly for AIME this year :( [updated on 7 Apr - checked the answers on AMC website. Luckily, I still got 7 correct! Hooray!!!!!! same as last year]. When we were at Marina Barrage, we solved some problems in stations. Some were rather easy while others were really troublesome and took some time to solve. We did not do a great job as we did not manage to solve all the problems. After that, we returned to Dunman High, did a survey, had a tea break and went to the auditorium to discuss the trail at the Marina Barrage. When they gave out the prizes, group 22 got 3rd and group 3 got 2nd. Group 3 was Jonathan's group, and I felt rather envious. When they announced the 1st place, it was group 4, that's our group!! When we compared our prizes, Jonathan got a pencil case, while our group got a BIGGER pencil case. It was really quite lame. Actually, it was a bag with a number of stationery items inside: correction tape, file clips, magnet clips, pen, highlighter and book mark.

Sunday 1 March 2009

Maths Competitions

I just got my AMC10A (American Maths Contest 10A) results on Friday. My score is 144/150, as I have made a careless mistake in Qn 19 - calculated as radius <= 100 though the question stated r < 100. Agrh... but it is still an improvement over my last year's score, which was 139.5/150.

Though the results for AMC12B is not out yet, I checked the answers from the AMC website. I have left 4 blanks, one of which was a very easy question but I did not understand what was 'parenthesis' (actually, it means brackets) so skipped that question. I made more careless mistakes in AMC12B - after calculating the score, I think I should be getting 108/150 (it's quite bad, I know), nevertheless it is also an improvement over my last year's score, which was 103.5/150.

More competitions:
10 Mar - Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO)
17 Mar - American Invitational Mathematical Examination AIME I
1 Apr - AIME II
2 Jun - SMO Junior
3 Jun - SMO Open