Thursday 27 January 2022

2nd Singapore Physics League (SPhL)

[This is posted on behalf of the SPhL Organising Team]

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Singapore Physics League (SPhL) – a fast-paced online team contest to solve fun physics problems.

This is your perfect opportunity to talk all-things-physics and “jam” with your fellow physics enthusiasts! Being team-based, this competition will demand intense strategy and coordination. SPhL problems are innovative, interesting and intellectually stimulating – so you can expect many enlightening discussions of physics throughout this thrilling, dynamic competition!

This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, 11 June 2022, from 9am to 1pm. You can take part from anywhere – you just need to be able to access our online platform. You should form teams of 3 - 5 students, who may even come from different schools!

There are two categories in the league:

SPhL (Junior): for teams whose members are all in secondary school and have all registered for the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) 2022.

SPhL (Senior): for teams whose members are all in junior college.

Contact your school’s Science/Physics department to sign up. We look forward to your participation!

Find out more:

Official website:

Official Discord:

Thursday 13 January 2022

SIMO Senior Team 2022

SIMO Senior Team 2022 (45)

RI (19) 
Sun Wenyuan, Y2 
Yang Yihan, Y2 
Clement Yap Kuan Hong, Y3 
Wong E Jeh, Y3 
Zhang Juntao, Y3 
Liang Yi Kuan, Y4 
Lim Zhe Xi Zenneth, Y4 
Wang Xiaoqi, Y4 
Zhang Luming, Y4 
Chang Chia Wei, Y5 
He Jingyang James, Y5 
Koh Jia Hng, Y5 
Lai Le Hao Jerome, Y5 
Ma Xingjian, Y5 
Song Yiyang, Y5 
Su Zixuan, Y5 
Timothy Ang Ti En Ern, Y5 
Zhang Chenxi, Y5 
Ziv Ng, Y5   

NUSH (16) 
Aidan James Kwek, Y2 
Akash Thiagarajan, Y2 
Bor Qi Huan, Y2 
Chan Chee How Ryan, Y2 
Liang Jingzhang, Y2 
Pang Hao Ran, Y2 
Tan Kai Ye, Y2 
Ding Chenghao, Y3 
Krishna Bhatia, Y3 
Siew Jing Hong, Y3 
Wang Jiayu, Y3 
Wu Tianhao Vincent, Y3 
Daryle Ang Xuan Ye, Y4 
Cheong Eason, Y5 
Ho Pin Rui, Y5 
Yu Zheyuan, Y5

HCI (5) 
Choo Yi Jie Christopher, Y2 
Huo Xicheng, Y2 
Kong Jia Le, Y3 
Yu Wenqi, Y4 
Brandon Ong, Y5 

RGS (3) 
Bai Xinyi, Y2 
Peng Ruijia, Y3 
Liu Yiming, Y4

ACSI (2) 
Caleb Chia, Y4
Michael Liew Wensheng, Y5

SIMO National Team 2022

SIMO National Team 2022 (27)

RI (10)
Yu Qinxi, Y4 
Liu Xiuping, Y4
Peh Yan Xi, Y4
Lv Jingdong, Y4
Zhu Jie, Y4
Andrew Yar Kwok Wing, Y5 
Liu Zihan, Y5
Sun Yu Chieh, Y5
Yu Hanzhang, Y5 
Lai Pengchong, Y6

NUSH (8)
Raphael Teng Zhi Xiang, Y3 
Drew Michael Terren Ramirez, Y4 
James Sng, Y5
Edden Chew Keyn-Hantz, Y5 
Jamie Lim Jia Sin, Y5 
Mario Tanijaya, Y5 
Shevonne Chia, Y6
Lim Jin Tao, Y6

HCI (9)
Zhao Yaoqi, Y3
Loo Wayhan Brian, Y3
Wan Tse Peng Lucien, Y4
Xu Ziyu, Y4
Cheng Wenhao, Y5 
Gabriel Goh Hao Xiang, Y5 
Ryan Wong Wern Jieh, Y5
Wu Xinyue, Y5
Kong U Ham, Y5