Friday 31 December 2010

A Busy Year for 2011 ...

This is posted by LJ's mum.

2011 is going to be a very busy year for the kids.

For Lim Min, she is going to RI. While she takes about 20 mins to travel by MRT & bus to RGS, she will now need to spend about 40 mins to travel to RI (Queenstown MRT to Marymount MRT). I heard from ex-RGS now-RI parents that students are much busier in RI and they have to take 2 CCAs, which means they work harder and play harder as compared to when they are in secondary school! Lim Min will be taking GP and 4 H2s - Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. She has done very well for her Maths (scoring 98 & 100 for the Maths 1 & Maths 2) and 3 Sciences (scoring 90 or close) while in RGS so it's a pity that she has to drop Biology to take the contrasting subject, Economics. But I heard Economics is an interesting subject so I guess, you lose some and you gain some.

For Lim Jeck, he is going to have an incredibly busy schedule! He is taking two NUS modules - Linear Algebra from NUS Faculty of Science and Competitive Programming (this module is free and ungraded) from the School of Computing. On top of that, he has the usual National Team Training at NUS Math Dept on Saturday mornings. Including the NUS modules, I think his timetable will have 2 days that end at 6 pm, 2 days end at 7 pm (Linear Algebra, 4-7 pm) and 1 day ends at 9 pm (Competitive Programming, 6-9 pm). He did well for his previous NUS module - Calculus and got an A+, which means he is able to claim the bulk of the course fee from NUS High. I think NUS High really suits him to a T, as he can enjoy working on his passion while maximising his potential in his strong areas - maths, physics, chemistry and programming.

For Lim Li, next year is PSLE year. Needless to say, she will have to stay back in school most of the days and her school teachers are going to give her tonnes of homework in preparation for the PSLE. She should have no problem doing well for Maths and Science, but I think she has to put in more effort for English and Chinese, her weaker subjects. I am sure her Chinese teacher, Ms Chai, will do the necessary to prepare the class well, so Lim Li should do all right (hopefully, get a high A) as long as she does all the work assigned by Ms Chai, diligently. I am more worried for her English. Maybe I would work out a schedule to revise English with her.

Hope everyone can have a fruitful year ahead!

Thursday 30 December 2010

Hikaru No Go

"Hikaru No Go" is a Japanese comic manga series as well as anime. It is our family favourite, as even my parents also read the comic books and watched the DVDs which we borrowed from the libraries. It also piques our interest in the Go game, which we are playing now :)

Hikaru No Go is the story of a 6-grader, Shindo Hikaru (left on above picture: boy with yellow hair), who by chance meets a 1000-year old ghost, Fujiwarano Sai (right on above picture: man with almost lady-like features) , who was trapped in a Go Board before his release. Together, Hikaru Shindo and Sai make a great go-playing team and they follow the path that leads them to the divine move or "Hand of God"; along the way they meet many memorable characters, such as Waya, Isumi, Ochi and Hikaru's and Sai's respective destined rivals, Touya Akira and Touya Kouyo.

There are many touching scenes such as those depicting the close friendship ties fostered between Hikaru and Sai, as well as among the the group of friends as they graduate from Insei to become Pro, or professional Go players, the integrity conflict and how a depressed Hikaru goes searching for Sai when he leaves suddenly. This is definitely a manga which I would recommend to anyone, even if you don't play Go.

Thursday 23 December 2010

3N Royal Caribbean Cruise

My family went for a 4 Days 3 Nights Best of Malaysia on Royal Caribbean Cruise (Legend of The Seas) from 20 Dec to 23 Dec. We stayed in 2 rooms, Oceanview stateroom, Deck 2. It was a relaxing and enjoyable trip, with lots of fun games, rock climbing and delectable food. We also joined the shore excursion to Penang - visit to butterfly farm, SEA's longest bridge, kampongs.

Playing table soccer.

Playing wii.

Endless supply of twist ice cream.

Lobster and elephant made by our stateroom attendant.

Towel folding class where we learnt how to fold tortoise, dog, elephant and monkey.

We enjoyed rock climbing.

Fine Dining at Romeo and Juliet restaurant, with starter, main course and desserts (which we shared).

Our favourite hang-out place - the Optix (Deck 10), where we played table soccer, wii and card games.

Monday 20 December 2010

My Cousin's Wedding

Extended family group photo taken after my cousin (Han Kee)'s wedding banquet at Ritz-Calton, on 12 Dec 2010.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Top in Singapore for Froggy Jump

Lim Li is now officially the top scorer in Singapore for Froggy Jump, with a score of 2,071,984. The 2nd highest score in Singapore is 1,152,708. The world's highest score is 67,116,504 (by someone in USA), and Lim Li is ranked 223rd in the world.

The above shows the locations of the top 6 scorers in Singapore.

And of course, the top scorer lives in Queens!

Comic Books

Comic books which we devour during the school holidays. Every week, we read 20-30 books. All were borrowed from the Central Public Library and Jurong Regional Library.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

My Favourite Comic Books

This is posted by LL ☺☻ 1st - Case Closed

2nd - Fullmetal Alchemist

3rd - Skip Beat

4th - Shaman King

5th - Hunter x Hunter