Saturday 28 June 2008

SMO (Junior) Special Round and SAMC

Today, I went for the SMO Junior Special Round. I saw Wei Liang from Hwa Chong (but didn't see Benny also from Hwa Chong, and Jethro from RI - maybe they were early and had registered before me) and some of my friends from NUSH. The difficulty is about the same as last year, but I think I will get more marks than last year. I did 4 questions out of the 5.

After the SMO, we went to a restaurant in NUS for lunch. I ate chicken rice. Kendrick's parents paid for the meal (thank you!). Then Kendrick's father drove us (Jonathan, I, Kendrick, his sister and mother) to their house to work on our Singapore Amazing Machine Competition (SAMC) project, which is the Toothpaster 3000. Kenryk joined us there. We built part of the machine, which was not as easy as you think. We had to troubleshoot 20+ times and only succeeded 0 time. We suggested removing that part of the machine but Kendrick objected. We would continue working on the machine on Tuesday. The finals is on Thursday so we have to work very hard to make it work.

Thursday 26 June 2008

Fun at IMM

Hi, here is Lim Min again. Last Sunday, Carmen, her brother, Angela, Xun Kai and I went to IMM to play with water. Below are the photos.

Sunday 22 June 2008

Shen Zhen Photos

Hello, I am Lim Min and I am back from Shen Zhen. It was such a fun trip!!

Group Photo

At the Changi Airport
We stayed in a hotel, 2 to a room and the 4 of us were in connected rooms
Playing bubble balls, $20 RMB per person for 10 minutes

Most of the meals provided were buffet kind - breakfast, lunch, breaks, dinner

Our school - Shen Zhen Yaohua Experimental School, where we learnt Maths
The school uniforms were provided

Rebecca, me, Jia Hui and Tian Yu

Wednesday 18 June 2008

World Largest Puzzle

Do you know what is the world largest puzzle? It is this 24000-pc jigsaw puzzle, called Life, the Great Challenge. It costs almost US$300, and its size is 4.28m x 1.57m. I wonder how long one takes to fix this puzzle, maybe 10 years! Even fixing the edges will probably take weeks. And where to keep the unfinished puzzle?

Mini Puzzle

My mother bought this 204-pc puzzle (costs $10) from the Jigsaw Puzzle World yesterday. It is in postcard size, with tiny pieces. The pieces are so small the set includes a miniature pair of tweezers for people with blunt fingers.
It is The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452 – 1519) who was the most famous painter who ever lived, and was also a prolific inventor, scientist, and engineer. Leonardo began this painting in 1495 and completed it in 1498.
I finished fixing the puzzle within 1/2 hr. Anymore puzzles for me to fix? I hope my mother can buy a 2000-pc or 5000-pc puzzle for me to fix!

Thursday 12 June 2008

Hello from Lim Min

I am now at Changi Airport and I am so bored. Now it is only 11.24am and we can only board the aeroplane (SilkAir) at 1+ pm, the flight will depart for Shen Zhen at 2.05 pm. I have never realized that one can phone for free at Changi Airport! The water cooler is also automated. The souveniers in Changi Airport are really expensive.

Manage to find Internet access (that's why I can type here). Don't know what games to play.

Oh yeah, I am Lim Min, not Lim Jeck. I am joining my RGS teachers and friends, and also a group from RI, to Shen Zhen for Maths training, from today till 20 June.

Hello again, now it is 1.53pm and I am waiting to enter the gate, now in the waiting area. Silkair compensated us for flight delay by providing lunch. We can choose noodles or rice. In the end I chose chicken rice. Actually roasted chicken rice. The trolley is very fun to play with.

Ok. I will type more if I have Internet access at Shen Zhen.

Friday 6 June 2008

Holiday so far

The holidays are going away very quickly, and I haven't done my homework yet, since I have no homework. This is because ours is a modular system, we finished our modules last semester and will have new modules next semester. I actually did nothing during the holidays, besides sleeping, watching TV, playing on the computer, fixing jigsaw puzzles and playing badminton. Below is a puzzle that I have dismantled and assembled many times. I have a lot of other puzzles, which I would fix again and again, whenever I am free.

The only thing memorable is the BBQ (6A class gathering) which was held 3 days ago. My mother did not take any photos but she said Mrs Shahrin would send the photos to her, so I will upload the photos later.