Tuesday 19 November 2013

NUS High School Convocation 2013

NUS High School, Class of 2013. 204 Students.
Valedictorian. Brendan's inspiring valedictorian speech is here.
Tay Eng Soon Gold Medallist
Top Academic Award 2013
Lim Jeck receiving Diploma (Distinction) from Dr Hang
Receiving Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal from Ms Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education. Ms Indranee's speech is here
Receiving Excellence Award in Mathematics
Lim Jeck, Sean and Jonathan
Lim Jeck, Mrs Shahrin (Queenstown Primary P5 & P6 form/English/Math/Science teacher)
Hall of Fame in Graduating Yearbook 2013
M13606 Class Photo
Mentor's parting words for M13606

Saturday 16 November 2013

Farewell to NUS High School of Math and Science

M08103 & M09203, with Ms Lau (Mentor)
M12506 & M13606
With Ms Beji Dass (English Teacher) and Mr Wang Haibin (Mentor)
M13606 paying tribute to Mr Wang Haibin


NUS High School of Math and Science, Class of 2013

Friday 15 November 2013

Year 6 Semester 2 Progress Report

Lim Jeck's Year 6 Semester 2 results are as follows:

CM6101 Experiments in Synthetic Chemistry A
CS6102 Computer Networking A+
DV5101 Advanced Research Project -Excellent-
EL6104 Language in Society IV B+
PC6102 Modern Physics A+

Semestral Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.7
Cumulative Average Point (CAP): 4.4
Year 5 & 6 CAP: 4.6

Year 2 Semester 2 Progress Report

Lim Li's Year 2 Semester 2 results are as follows:

BL2105 Basic Animal Physiology I A-
CL2102 Chinese 2B A
CM2104 Foundation Chemistry II A+
CM2301 Kitchen Chemistry -Distinction-
CS2202 Introduction to GUI Programming A+
DV2106 Junior Mathematics Research -Merit-
EL2107 Developing Language and Literary Skills IV B+
IH2103 Conflict, Cooperation & Globalisation B
MA2113 Foundation Mathematics IV A+
PC2110 Foundational Physics II A+

Semestral Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.7 (out of 5)
Cumulative Average Point (CAP): 4.6 (out of 5)

Mentor's Remarks: Lim Li has a strong sense of curiosity and an inquisitive mind. She is an intelligent girl who is able to learn well independently. She is encouraged to have more confidence in her abilities. She is proud to represent the school in an International Math competition, which is an achievement at this age. It would be good for her to see beyond what she is achieving now and move forward to develop her strengths to seek greater achievements.
Conduct: Very Good

Saturday 9 November 2013

NTU Exam Welfare Package Goodie Bags

NTU exams are around the corner. Exam welfare package goodie bags are prepared and distributed by the various NTU student groups to students in a symbolic show of care, concern and support for the upcoming examinations. Among the items distributed are food and stationery items essential to a student’s everyday life. Lim Min has received 3 such goodie bags :)
From School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) 
From CN Yang Scholars Programme
From NTU Student Union. The goodie bag (not shown here) contains NTUSU lecture Pads, NTUSU Clear Folders, J.Co Donuts, Coffee, Notebooks, etc.