Wednesday, 31 May 2023

SMO 2023 (Open Section) Answers

SMO 2023 Open Questions

SMO 2023 (Open Section) Answers 

1. 10
2. 2000
3. 7
4. 2
5. 3
6. 32
7. 8
8. 33
9. 200
10. 2
11. 1011
12. 2020
13. 229
14. 24
15. 46
16. 25
17. 64
18. 1
19. 20 
20. void
21. 7
22. 48
23. 7
24. 7 
25. 6

Answers are posted by someone in cbox.  Click here for Way Tan's review session which will be held on 1 Jun, 4 pm. 

SMO 2023 (Senior Section) Answers

SMO 2023 Senior Questions (Q22 was corrected to "10 ones, 11 zeroes, 13 strings")

SMO 2023 (Senior Section) Answers 

1. C
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. 7
7. 25
8. 3
9. 48
10. 49
11. 1024
12. 84
13. 2
14. 160
15. 60
16. 58 
17. 10
18. 1011
19. 37
20. 514 
21. 14161
22. 47628  
23. 66795
24. 454
25. 5

SMO Senior answers are provided by Way Tan. Click here for the review session.

SMO 2023 (Junior Section) Answers

SMO 2023 Junior Questions

SMO 2023 (Junior Section) Answers 

1. B
2. B
3. D 
4. C 
5. A 
6. 90 
7. 231 
8. 143 
9. 12
10. 15176
11. 276 
12. 3
13. 893
14. 2 
15. 15 
16. 1981 
17. 105 
18. 14 
19. 21 
20. 6 
21. 75 
22. 50 
23. 3 
24. 64 
25. 105 

SMO Junior answers are provided by Way Tan. Click here for the review session.

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

IPhO 2023 Singapore Team

The 53rd International Physics Olympiad 2023 (IPhO 2023) will be held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Japan, from 10 to 17 July. 

The following Year 6/JC2 students are representing Singapore at the IPhO 2023:
Shanay Jindal, NUSH
Tan Pin Che, NUSH
James He, RI
Sun Yu Chieh, RI
Li Yichen, NJC

APhO 2023 Singapore Team Results

Singapore Team Results

Silver - Jordan Kai-Wei Yeo, NUSH 
Silver - Kannan Vishal, NUSH 
Silver - Koa Jaden, HCI
Bronze - Vikram Ramanathan, NUSH
Bronze - Heng Du Jie Nigel, RI
Bronze - Huang Zehan, NUSH
Honorable Mention - Krittika Dey, NUSH
Honorable Mention - Mayukh Das, NUSH

Monday, 22 May 2023

Free Webinar on NUS High DSA by PD STEM Education

This is posted on behalf of PD STEM Education.

Dear parents, 

If you have children applying to NUS High School via DSA this year and are seeking preparation for the selection tests, do check out They will be organising:
- subject prep sessions
- free webinar on 3 Jun, 4-5pm to talk about the DSA process and various tips: 
- NUS High vs IP  Schools
- How to Prepare for the DSA
- Student Experiences
- Our Services for DSA
- Live Q&A

PD STEM Education is a group of international olympiad medalists (many of whom are from NUS High) and offer programmes in secondary & JC olympiads.

Telegram channel: (for updates)
WhatsApp: 9128 5482 (Jun Wei)

NUS High DSA Prep Registration Form:

Sunday, 21 May 2023

IOI 2023 Singapore Team

The 35th International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) will be hosted by Hungary from 28 August to 4 September 2023. 

The IOI 2023 Singapore Team comprises the following students (not in order of ranking): 
Tia Shi Wei, NUSH Year 6
James Sng, NUSH Year 6
Jamie Lim, NUSH Year 6
Yaw Chur Zhe, HCI Year 5

Sunday, 14 May 2023

More Pics from Sydney Trip

St Mary's Cathedral

Hyde Park

Martin Place

University of Sydney

Central Station

Saturday, 22 April 2023

IMO 2023 Singapore Team

The 64th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) will be held from 2 to 13 July 2023, and hosted by Chiba, Japan.

The Singapore Team comprises the following students: (not in order of ranking) 
Gabriel Goh Hao Xiang, HCI Y6 (IMO 2022 Silver)
Cheng Wenhao, HCI Y6 (IMO 2022 Silver)
Drew Michael Terren Ramirez, NUSH Y5 (IMO 2022 Silver) 
Peh Yan Xi, RI Y5 (IMO 2022 HM)
Edden Chew Keyn-Hantz, NUSH Y6
Yu Qinxi, RI Y5


Sunday, 26 March 2023

2023 Alibaba Global Math Competition

Qualifying Round 

Format: Online Individual Competition 

Type of Questions: Multiple Choice, Problem solving, Proof Questions, and Open-Endedd Questions

Schedule: 8AM April 15th, 2023 (Saturday) - 8AM April 17th, 2023 (Monday) (UTC+8). Contestants have 48 hours to complete this round. 

Language: The questions will be provided in both Chinese and English, and contestants may use either language to answer them. 

Competition Rules: 
 - The competition consists of one qualifying round, with finalists determined based on the results of this round. The shortlist of finalists will be announced on June 8th. 
 - The qualifying round is open book, and the contestants may refer to online or offline materials. The use of programming software is allowed. 
 - Cheating, discussion, and transmission of the problems are strictly prohibited. 
 - For 2023, one open-ended question will be included in the qualifying round. Participants with outstanding answers will be invited to the offline Xixi Math Colloquium and have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with world-leading mathematicians like Prof. Yitang Zhang. 
 - To help contestants familiarize with the online competition system, a practice round is scheduled between April 3rd and April 11th, 2023 (UTC+8). Answers for the practice round will not be graded and will not be counted towards the final marks of the qualifying round or award presentation.

Sign up here

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

NOI 2023 Results

Full Results NOI 2023

Top Contestants and Top Schools Results 

Top 4 Contestants
1. Tia Shi Wei, NUSH
2. Kang Yiming, RI
3. Sun Beichen, HCI
4. Yu Zheyuan, NUSH

Top Secondary School Students
1. Siew Jing Hong, NUSH
2. Ang Wei Bin, NUSH

Top Female Medalist
Zhu Wenxin, HCI 

Youngest Medalist 
Brian Xiao Boyang, RI

Top Junior Colleges 
1. NUSH 
2. RI 

Top Secondary Schools 
2. HCI

Sunday, 26 February 2023

Primary/Secondary School and National Team Level Maths/Science Olympiad Training

[This is posted on behalf of Raven Education

Hi! We are a group of ex-Maths and Science Olympiad contestants offering classes for the Primary School Maths/Science Olympiads, the SJPO, SJChO, and SJBO, as well as the senior and national level Math/Science Olympiads.

Our tutors include International and National Math and Science Olympiads Medallists who have secured places at Oxbridge and Ivy League Universities. Some are even trainers for the Singapore National Team. 

For more details, check out our website We are also contactable via WhatsApp and Telegram at 89128924.

Thank you!

Saturday, 18 February 2023

3rd Singapore Physics League (SPhL) 2023

[This is posted on behalf of the SPhL Organising Team] 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 3rd Singapore Physics League (SPhL) – a fast-paced online team contest where you get to solve fun physics problems. 

This is a perfect opportunity for you to talk all things physics and “jam” with your fellow physics enthusiasts! The competition is team-based and will demand intense strategy and coordination. SPhL problems are innovative, interesting and intellectually stimulating – so you can expect many enlightening discussions of physics throughout this thrilling, dynamic competition! 

This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, 8 July 2023, from 9am to 1pm. You can take part from anywhere – you just need to be able to access our online platform. You should form teams of 3 - 5 students, who may even come from different schools! 

There are two categories in the league: 

SPhL (Junior): for teams whose members are all in secondary school and have all registered for the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) 2023
SPhL (Senior): for teams whose members are all in junior college. 

Contact your school’s Science/Physics department to sign up. We look forward to your participation! 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at

Find out more
Official website:  
Official Discord Server:

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Johnson Prize for Excellence in Graduate Study

Scott Russell Johnson Achievement Award Winners

The Scott Russell Johnson Achievement awards were established in 2001 by Steve and Rosemarie Johnson in memory of Steve's brother Scott who graduated in Math from Caltech in 1983.

The Scott Russell Johnson Prize for Excellence in Graduate Study is given to continuing graduate students for extraordinary progress in research and excellence in teaching, or excellent performance as a first-year graduate student. The Scott Russell Johnson Graduate Dissertation Prize in Mathematics is awarded for the best graduate dissertation in mathematics. 

Johnson Prize for Excellence in Graduate Study

2022 - Jeck Lim

2021 - Forte Shinko

2020 - Tamir Hemo, Sunghyuk Park, Lingfei Yi

2019 - Josh Frisch, Liyang Yang

2018 - Dmitri Gekhtman, Liyang Yang 

2017 - Cosmin Pohoata, Luciena Xiao

2016 - William Chan, Marius Lemm

2015 - Peter Burton, Dmitri Gekhtman, Marius Lemm

2014 - Serin Hong, Marius Lemm, Maria Nastasescu

2013 - William Chan, Liubomir Chiriac, Marius Lemm

2012 - Maria Nastasescu, Robin Tucker-Drob, Tony Wong

2011 - Alden Walker, Daiqi Linghui

2010 - Padraic Bartlett, Serin Hong, Paul Nelson

Friday, 27 January 2023

CMO 2022 Singapore Team Results

The 38th China Mathematical Olympiad (CMO 2022) was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China from 29th to 30th December 2022.  The competition was conducted online at Hwa Chong Institution.

Singapore Team Results:
Gold - Edden Chew Keyn-Hantz, NUS High
Gold - Gabriel Goh Hao Xiang, HCI
Silver - Peh Yan Xi, RI
Silver - Cheng Wen Hao, HCI
Silver - Wu Xin Yue, HCI
Bronze - Zhao Yaoqi, HCI

Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Winter Applied Rationality Program (WARP) 2023

The Winter Applied Rationality Program (WARP) is an immersive workshop for analytically-minded students looking to understand themselves and the world. 

Where: USA 
When: March 2023 
Who: Applicants between 16-19 years old. 

From FAQ:
Who is the camp for?
At WARP, we're all about figuring out how to improve our thinking, and how that can translate into better doing. We welcome students curious about decision-making and modeling the world, and figuring out how to better test their beliefs against reality. If you're passionate about mathematics, logic, cognitive science, philosophy, economics, or history, we'll probably love to have you! 

Application is now open. Apply here. The application deadline is December 29, 2022.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from game theory, cryptography, and mathematical logic, to AI safety, styles of communication, and cognitive science. The goal of the program is to help students hone rigorous, quantitative skills as they acquire a toolbox of useful concepts and practical techniques applicable in all walks of life. WARP's tuition, room, and board are free for all admitted students. Need-based travel scholarships are also available.

WARP is a collaborative project between the Summer Program for Applied Rationality (ESPR) and Cognition (SPARC) team, which often runs camps in the USA, and the European Summer Program on Rationality (ESPR) team, which runs them in the UK.

The WARP, ESPR and SPARC are good programmes! Lim Li went ESPR in 2017, from 18 August to 1 September. Some photos can be found in this post.

Monday, 28 November 2022

Korean Dinner and Bingsu

Lim Min is in LA on official trip, visited Lim Jeck in Caltech.

Shopping at Costco Wholesale