Tuesday 30 November 2010

QPS 6A'06 Gathering on 29 Nov

Gathering for Lim Min's primary school classmates, at Queens function room.

No one is supposed to know how this game is played.

With Mr Tan looking on. Both Mr Ng and Ms Chai could not make it for the gathering :(

Playing card game with twisties as bets?

Lim Li joining the current Sec 4s for a card game.

Friday 26 November 2010

NUS High 1-Day Math Camp

This is posted by LL ☺ ☻

Yesterday I attended a Logic and Games Math camp at NUS High. At the camp, there were only 3 girls out of 18 students, so sad.

We played the frog puzzle, the one where the frog can only walk 1 step or jump over another frog. We must find the formula for the number of moves depending on n number of frogs, which is n^2+2n. Other games we played include: Nim, Cross the River, Quadrant tic-tac-toe, etc. The student helper Ananya Kumar said that Lim Jeck had been blabbering about minecraft for the past 3 days and Lim Jeck said that the graphics was great (the sun, moon, stars, clouds and hands are squares and everything is pixelated ☺).

At lunch, the food was not buffet kind, but a packet of bee hoon with egg, fish, otah, fish cake and ikan billis (see picture). For tea breaks, we had packets and biscuits. So pathetic right ... actually, not so bad, I am just exaggerating and I brought home 4 packets of drink and a lot of biscuits until my bag was so full that I could not put my pencil case inside and I had to put it in my pocket.

I think the camp is quite fun.

Friday 19 November 2010

QtPS Year End Prize Giving Ceremony

This is posted by LL's mum.
This year the EOY Prize Giving Ceremony is held at night (7.30 pm) instead of in the morning (as in previous years). There is also a cultural night performance after the prize giving ceremony. Lim Li gets two awards - Top in Maths and Top in Science. She wants to apply to only NUS High for DSA next year, and has no intention to try other schools like RGS and NJC. I think NUS High is probably suitable for her :). Like her two older siblings, she is stronger in Maths and Science and weaker in the languages.

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Froggy Jump - ranked 3rd in Singapore

This is posted by LL.
My score for Froggy Jump is 1,070,532. I am ranked 3rd in Singapore and 592th in the world. Aren't I pro? The current highest score in the world is 67,116,504.

The top score in Singapore is 1,152,708. I think I could have easily beaten this record if I had not given up after playing for more than 1 hr and getting very "xian". I thought the top score is 500k+, otherwise I would have perservere to earn the top spot. So wasted!!!! My feeling now is opposite of this ☺

Monday 15 November 2010


This is posted by LL.

School holidays are around the corner, it means we can read comic books to our hearts' content. Recently, we borrowed this Bakegyamon book from the Jurong Libary. There is only 1 of this English comic title in the Jurong and Central Libary and it is only until volume 3. However the Chinese version has all 5 volumes.

The story is about Sanshiro (the red-cap boy), whose father is an adventurer and he wants to follow his father's footsteps. So a guy called Fue (beside Sanshiro in the picture) brought him to play Bakegyamon, a game that comes every 44 years for thousands of children to play and the winner will get 1 wish granted. Demons are turned into cards (Sanshiro is holding it in the picture) for the players to use to fight. Many players think that the demons are items but they are not. Being a kind and considerate boy, Sanshiro decides that his wish is to free the demons, if he wins the game.

Monday 8 November 2010

Exams .. not over yet!

Today I have taken the make-up paper for English.

The last exam paper is on 22 Nov - Calculus.

Monday 1 November 2010

Spinning Table

CWMO Photos

Wayne, Wei Liang, Zhan Xiong, Mr Teo, me, Ding Yue, Ryan Kor, Joseph Kuan

Two burly "bodyguards" protecting Ryan and me.

Yema Rallygraf watch (branded??) for Gold medalists. Why didn't they give computer notebooks, like what Kazahstan did in this year's IMO, for the Gold medalists?

Remember Lim Min's CGMO photos? Déjà vu
Singapore won 2 Gold medals and 6 Silver medals, same as last year.
We were compensated S$100 each :) for the 6 hours' delay in the flight from Singapore to Shanghai