Friday 24 March 2017

APhO 2017 and IPhO 2017 Singapore Teams

The 18th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) will be held from 1 - 9 May in Yakutsk, Russia.

(Updated on 9 May: APhO Results  Congrats to Teddy and Darren for being top 2 in Spore team and selected into IPhO team!)

The following Year 6/JC2 students are representing Singapore at the 18th APhO:
Byron Chen Pang Yen, NUS High
Darren Wayne Lim, NUS High
Teddy Ong Hong Ming, NUS High
Ivin Lee Jieh Wen, RI
Lim Jun Heng, RI
Matthew Shi Zhe Hao, RI
Wittmann Goh Ghin Fong, RI
Zong Daoxin, RI
The 48th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) will be held from 16 - 24 July 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Top 2 from APhO 2017 will be joining the following students to represent Singapore at the 48th IPhO:
Bradley Teo Wei Jie, RI
Lee Vint Ve Shein Lin Htut, RI
Ma Zhao Yu, RI
Updated on 9 May:
Teddy Ong, NUS High
Darren Wayne Lim, NUS High

Saturday 18 March 2017

NOI 2017 Results

From left: Jeffrey (G), Shane (B), Yuechen (G), Andrew (S), Timothy (S), Wayne (S), Owen (S), Lim Li (G), Gabriel (G), Xingchen (G)
An elated Mr Li Da
Individual 3rd
Top 4 winners
Top JC Category
Individual award winners
NOI 2017 Website

NOI 2017 Full Results

Top 4 Contestants
Jeffrey Lee, NUSH
Estelle Lee, RI
Lim Li, NUSH
Huang Xingchen, NUSH

Top Junior Colleges

Top Secondary Schools

Top Secondary School Students
Ng Yu Peng, HCI
Teow Hua Jun, HCI

Best Female Medalist
Li Yuechen, NUSH

Top Foreign Contestant
Yeoh Zi Song, Malaysia

Youngest Medalist
Koo Ii, RGS

All individual award winners received an Apple Watch each.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Cambridge 2016-17 Michaelmas Term Supervisors' Report

Cambridge has 3 terms in a year: Michaelmas Term, Lent Term and Easter Term. There are no exams in the first two terms; all academic exams are held during the last term.

Lim Jeck's Supervisors' Report for Michaelmas Term is below, to give readers a feel of how a Supervisor report looks like.  I won't be posting subsequent Supervisor reports.

(Estimate of term's work: 1 means Class 1)

Mathematical Tripos, Part IA Trinity

Module: Differential Equations
Supervised by Mr Gunnar Peng (GGP24)
Industry: Good
Progress: Good
Interest: Enthusiastic
Estimate of term's work: 1
Comments: Outstanding work! Solved essentially every problem, but with a few minor mistakes.

Module: Vectors and Matrices
Supervised by Mr Matthew Crowe (MC756)
Industry: Good
Progress: Good
Interest: Interested
Estimate of term's work: 1
Comments: Near perfect answers to all questions, well done. Is interested but quite quiet in supervisions.

Modules: Numbers and Sets, Groups
Supervised by Professor I.B. Leader (IBL10)
Industry: Good
Progress: Good
Interest: Enthusiastic
Estimate of term's work: 1
Comments: A fantastic start to his Cambridge career. He has done a lot of hard questions: has his own particular (and very effective) way of approaching problems. A real star.
Bright and interested: a pleasure to supervise.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Euler Math Competition 2017

Euler Math Competition 2017, organized by NTU

Time: 18 March (Sat) 10 am to 2 pm
Venue: SPMS-LT2
Sponsor: Jane Street

Register here