Tuesday 22 March 2022

NOI 2022 Results

Full Results 

NOI 2022 Top Contestants and Top Schools Results 

Top 4 Contestants 
1. Ryan Goh Choon Aik, RI 
2. Au Heng Hoi, Joel, NUSH 
3. Koh Jia Hng, RI 
4. Brian Lee Jun Siang, HCI 

Top Secondary School Students 
1. Kang Yiming, RI
2. Liu Xiuping, RI 

Top Female Medalist 
Jamie Lim Jia Sin, NUSH 

Youngest Medalist 
Sun Wenyuan, RI 

Top Junior Colleges 
2. RI

Top Secondary Schools 
1. RI 

2022 Alibaba Global Math Competition

Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition is jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, the Alibaba Foundation, and Alibaba DAMO Academy. It integrates competition, training and communication, and is open to math enthusiasts all over the world.

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Details of the 4th Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition: 
The competition has one qualifying round and one final round. 

Qualifying Round Format:
Online Individual Competition 
Type of Questions: Multiple Choice, Problem solving, and Proof Questions 
Time: 8 AM April 23rd, 2022- 8AM April 25th, 2022 (Beijing Time). You have 48 hours for this round. 
Language: The questions are provided in both Chinese and English. You may use either language to answer them.

Final Round Format: 
Online Individual Competition 
Type of Question: The final round includes five tracks of different subject areas: 
- Algebra & Number Theory 
- Geometry & Topology 
- Analysis & Differential Equations 
- Applied & Computational Mathematics 
- Combinatorics & Probability.

Gold Award (4 winners) with 40,000 USD each 
Silver Award (6 winners) with 20,000 USD each 
Bronze Award (10 winners) with 10,000 USD each 
Honorable Mention (50 Winners) with 5,000 USD each 
Awards will be decided by the results of the final round.

Last year's competition results is here