Saturday 29 August 2009

Random Questions and Short Answers

Why do I like Maths?
It is very easy and I can earn money by winning competitions. ;-)

Why do I like programming?
Just like Maths, it's easy to me. Same for Physics and Chemistry.

Why do I hate Chinese (the language, not the people)?
I just do.

What is my favourite food?
Chicken rice, duh. I eat it everyday in the school canteen.

What is the brand of the computer I am using?

What is my favourite hobby?
Is sleeping a hobby?

What is my favourite object?

What is my favourite number?
6262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262626262 (There are 62 62s and 124 digits. You can count them if you don't believe me)

What is my favourite key on the keyboard?

What is my favourite key on the keyboard (piano)?
The most left one.

Which Math topic do I like most?

Why is there no answer to the question above on my favourite keyboard key?
It is the space key, silly! Can't you see it?

And finally...

How many fingers, toes, ears, mouths, eyes and hair do I have?
10, 10, 2, 1, 2, 6299738168030

Saturday 22 August 2009

Busy ...

Sorry I was too busy to blog, as I have a few tests last week. I was also catching up on a few assignments which were not done due to the IMO training and competition.

I think CS2201 Visual Basic .Net Programming is taking up the most of my time now (it's still my favourite subject), as there is a programming assignment almost every week or alternate week, and we also have a project to do. I have already submitted my proposal - it's an educational mathematical game where a climber must ascend a mountain amidst the rising water level (caused by global warming); he must race against the rising water level by answering simple arithmetic questions correctly (difficulty level increases as he climbs higher) otherwise he will be drowned once the water level reaches above his head.

Friday 14 August 2009

Plants vs Zombies Music Video

This is a very interesting music video. My sisters like it but my friend Kendrick doesn't. You must complete the whole game to hear this video, which is also the credits. The song itself is enchanting and funny. Also, try clicking the help button and see what it says.

If you haven't completed the game yet, you may not fully appreciate the song. When you are really desperate to complete the game quickly, the best way is probably using cheat engine, which is what I did.

Saturday 8 August 2009

SMO 2009 Prelim Results

The SMO 2009 preliminary results (no ranking for top placings) were out a few days ago. I think this year, NUS High did quite well overall. For Individual top 10 rankings, NUS High took 4 places in Junior, 3 places in Senior and 3 places in Open categories. NUS High also took top 3 places in all categories' team award.

My guess for top 3 in Team awards:
Junior: 1st - NUS High, 2nd - HCI, 3rd - RI
Senior: 1st - RI, 2nd - RGS, 3rd - NUS High & NYGH
Open: 1st RI & HCI, 3rd - NUS High

I massively failed Round 1 in Junior. It's worse than what I expected!

This year's cut-off for Junior Round 2 is 7 (ridiculously low, which means one will get a Silver with just 7 marks, last year's cut-off was 14), and cut-off for Gold award is 12 (even more ridiculously low, last year it was 23!).

update: someone commented in 'Comments' that the cut-off for Junior Round 2 is 9, and 7 will still get a Silver. But I have just checked, the cut-off should be 8 (100% sure). Sorry for the mistake above.

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Plants vs Zombies

I am now playing this new game. You are a house owner and you must plant zombie-zapping plants such as peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to defend against many types of zombies (including a super big giant that smashes everything in 1 hit) before they can reach your front door.

Each zombie has its own special skills, like the super big giant that can smash everything in 1 hit, so you’ll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all, like putting a doom shroom to kill an imp. Below are some screenshots. Just play it. It is fun.