Sunday 29 April 2007


So bored, nothing to do. Weekdays very busy but weekends nothing to do. Weekdays morning, just wake up for school. Afternoon, in school. Evening, sometimes still in school. At night, do homework, if free, can play computer. Midnight, sleeping. Morning, just wake up for school. Afternoon...

Weekends morning, sleeping, not in a hurry to go to school. Afternoon, laze around on the sofa. Evening, go my grandparents' house or still lazing around. At night, come home and start doing homework or laze around again. Midnight, sleeping...

Since i had nothing to do, i did something to kill time. Of course, i update my blog. i also did other things. For example, i build a card tower as shown on the top using cards. Too bad it's only 8 storeys high, i plan to build one that is at least 10 storeys high. It takes about 50 hits of the rubber band to hit it down. Crazy right?

Anyone of you play Maplestory? It is my favourite game. On the left is a screenshot taken by me in Maplestory(Ludibrum, killing trojan horse). Mind you, I am not level 42.

Sometimes, i don't play maplestory. I play other games as maplestory is sometimes so sianz.


Which school suits me better? (I know I may not get in, but just assume that I can get in)

Afternote: I was accepted by both NUSH and RI via DSA. Guess which I am choosing?

Friday 27 April 2007

Jokes for fun

Let me tell you some funny jokes. You can highlight the answers below the questions.

Why did the male mushroom go to the party?
Because they wanted to look for fun girls(fungus)Why did the female mushroom go to the party?
Because they wanted to look for fun guy(fungi)Why did all the mushrooms go to the party?
Because they were more cool(mo gu)(Only chinese will know)
There was a man who wanted to marry a wife. The wife was very upset when she found out that he had married twice before. She asked the man, "What happened to the 2 wives?" The man replied, "One of them died of mushroom-poisoning." The woman asked again, "What about the other?" The man replied, "She died of a broken skull, because she did not want to eat the mushrooms."

Time is the number one murder victim.
Many people like to kill time.A teacher wrote a sentence without any punctuation: woman without her man is a savage. She asked the students to insert the punctuation in the sentence. The boys and girls had different answers.
Boys: woman, without her man, is a savage.
Girls: woman! without her, man is a savage.

Thursday 26 April 2007

Rearrange this!

Look at these words. Take a look at what I rearraged them to.





Think of a word such that when read backwards, it will be another valid word. e.g. SAW, read backwards--WAS. Think of the longest word. My longest word is REWARD. Can anyone think of a longer one?

Thursday 19 April 2007

QPS 6A 2007

Hello all!

This is my first time making a blog. Err... can give me some ideas? I don't know what to write.

recent news in 6A:

This is the end of the month. The results of the SMOPS is out! My heart just skipped a beat. This is the best result ever mentioned in QPS. We got 2 bronzes, 1 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum. This is just way to cool.

8 of us, including me, participated the SMOPS organised by Hwa Chong Institution. Their school very very very big, bigger than RI. But most of their land are empty fields. More than half of the class also participated in the scrabble competition organised by Clementi Woods Secondary School. Not fair, I play with all the strong players.

I created this blog today! See how old this blog is.

Unlucky day. But not so unlucky, I am so lucky! I don't want to tell you what is it.

Celebrate for the achievement yesterday. Also Farhanah's birthday.

I scored first in the RI competition! Yay!

I hate my class. April fools! I won 20th in the chess competition! April fools again! I am just april fooling about april fooling. Understand?