Monday 31 July 2017

IBO 2017 Singapore Team Results

IBO 2017 Full Results

IBO 2017 Singapore Team Results:

Gold - Aditi Saayujya, NUS High
Gold - Lucas Yeo, RI
Gold - Muzammil Arif Din S/O Abdul Jabbar, RI
Silver - Lim Yan Ling, NUS High


Saturday 29 July 2017

Arrival in Tehran, Iran

IOI 2017 Singapore Team delegation photo from IOI 2017 Facebook
IOI 2017 goodie bag
All contestants are hosted in Parsian Evin Hotel, a 4-star hotel in north Tehran
All leaders, deputy leaders, guests, and international committee members are residing in Parsian Azadi Hotel, a 5-star hotel in north Tehran

Lim Li's room. She stays here alone since there is only one female SGP contestant

DISCS Class of '87 Gathering

NUS Department of Information Systems and Computer Science Class of 1987 30 Years Anniversary Gathering @ NUS Guild House, Suntec City

Thursday 27 July 2017

Off to Tehran, Iran

From top left: Dr Halim, Gug (Guang Xuan), Peanut (Wen Yuen), Lim Li, Xingchen
bottom left: Choong Yin (asst trainer), Ranald (main trainer), Wei Liang (asst trainer) 

IOI 2017 Programme Schedule:
Day 1, Fri, Jul 28 - Arrival
Day 2. Sat, Jul 29 - Opening and Practice Session
Day 3, Sun, Jul 30 - Contest Day 1
Day 4, Mon, Jul 31 - Excursion 1: Dolphin Show, Tour of Milad Tower
Day 5, Tue, Aug 1 - Contest Day 2
Day 6, Wed, Aug 2 - Excursion 2: Water Park, Azadi Tower & Handicrafts Exhibition
Day 7, Thu, Aug 3 - Closing Ceremony
Day 8, Fri, Aug 4 - Departure

Sunday 23 July 2017

IPhO 2017 Singapore Team Results

IPhO 2017 Full Results

IPhO 2017 Singapore Team Results:

(Not in order of ranking)
Gold - Bradley Teo Wei Jie, RI
Gold - Lee Vint Ve Shein Lin Htut, RI
Gold - Ma Zhao Yu, RI
Gold - Teddy Ong, NUS High
Gold - Darren Wayne Lim, NUS High


Friday 14 July 2017

IChO 2017 Singapore Team Results

IChO 2017 Medal Winners

IChO 2017 Singapore Team Results:

Gold - Matthias Liau Yi Quan, NUS High
Gold - Lam Tze King, NUS High
Silver - Tang Yimian, RI
Silver - Zhang Zhiyuan, HCI