Thursday 24 November 2011

2011 PSLE Results Release

This is posted by LL

My mother's prediction of my PSLE results in this post - P6 Prelim Results and Expected PSLE Aggregate Score that is currently the most popular post in this blog (overtakes the SMO 2011 Junior Answers post) is very accurate. But why would anyone search that? It's not like the PSLE results will be online, or that post will teach someone to predict his/her PSLE aggregate score.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, which I doubt, my PSLE aggregrate score is 253, with A* for Mathematics and Science, and A for English and Chinese. The score doesn't matter because I have been admitted to NUS High under the DSA-Sec exercise ☺.

In my school (Queenstown Primary), 28 students (11.3%) scored 250 and above. The top scores are: 273, 268, 265, 265, 265, 265.

QtPS students getting aggregate score >= 250 for PSLE 2011

Singapore's highest scorer is from Rulang Primary School, and her score is 283.

Friday 18 November 2011

Semestral Progress Report

This is posted by LJ's mum.

Lim Jeck received his Year 4 Semester 2 progress report this morning. As expected, he did well for Math, Physics and Chemistry modules, and not so well for Fine Art and languages (but still exceeded my expectations, haha). His results are as follows:

BL4105 Evolutionary Biology A-
BL4108 Advanced Cell Biology A-
CL4102 Chinese 4B B
CM4106 Chemical Equilibria and Thermodynamics A+
EL4104 Language in Society I B
FA4102 Art Advanced II B-
MA6102 Complex Numbers A+
MA6405 An Introduction to Graph Theory A+
PC4111 Advanced Physics II A+
PC4203 Physics Olympiad III A+

Though he has been doing very well for Chemistry (his overall Subject CAP for Chemistry is a perfect 5.0), he has decided to take Chemistry (major) instead of Chemistry (honours) in Year 5 and 6. This will allow him to focus more on Physics (honours), Computing Studies, Advanced Research Project and to take more NUS modules in the next 2 years.

Monday 14 November 2011

Impossible Puzzle

We bought the below impossibles puzzle from Borders Wheelock Place in July this year, before Borders was closed down. We only fixed it yesterday as we enjoy fixing puzzles after the exams or during the school holidays. As described on the box, the puzzle has no edge and has 5 extra pieces.

The completed puzzle:

As you can see, instead of 5 extra pieces, we found 6 extra pieces and 1 piece is missing! This is literally an "impossible" puzzle.

Saturday 12 November 2011

Promos Results

This is posted by LM's mum

Lim Min's overall results for JC1. Heard that in RI, 'C' and above grades for school results usually translate to 'A' in the A-levels. Hope this is true :)

Juxtaposed with her RGS Year 4 overall results last year, where she had scored A+ in all the Math and Science subjects, it is quite clear where her strength lies. If there is no need for a contrasting subject in the Junior College, she should have done Biology instead of Economics!

Lim Min is self-motivated and manages her own studies without any tuition. Lim Jeck has no tuition too, but needs "pushing" when it comes to studying before tests/exams. Luckily, his subjects next year do not require much studying (no more Biology), in addition he will be staying in the hostel for the whole of next year (except weekends and holidays), so I probably can relax more (i.e. less nagging from me). Lim Li attended English enrichment class for about 1.5 years, prior to the PSLE but it does not seem to help much :( I am quite reluctant to sign her up for external English class when she goes to secondary school next year.

Friday 11 November 2011

Trip to US

This is posted by LL.
We went to USS (Universal Studios Singapore) two days ago. As it was neither a public holiday nor a school holiday, there was a 20% discount when we paid by Mastercard. We paid a total of about $250 for 4 adult and 1 child tickets.

For some reasons, the word 'CASINO' is bigger than the word 'Universal Studios', and the former is in capital letters. I wonder why?

Some high tech robots in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.

Outside Ancient Egypt. The indoor roller coaster at Revenge of The Mummy is dark, which makes it less scary.

The WaterWorld show at The Lost World. There were stunts and explosions at the live show.

My father pretending to be an ogre, after we have watched the Donkey LIVE show at Far Far Away.

At Sci-Fi City, we took the Battelstar Galactica: Human roller coaster (Red Track). My classmates in school told me that they took the Cylon roller coaster (Blue Track) which went up-side-down 5 times. Now that I think about it, we should have taken the Cylon because my friends dared to take it, so it could not be that frightening.

After we left USS, we bought popcorn at Garret (near the USS exit). It was very nice and sweet but expensive ($8 for a small-size packet, which was actually not that small).