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Predicted COP for Top Sec Schools based on EESIS COP; P6 Prelim Results and Expected PSLE Aggregate Score

This is posted by Lim Li's mum.

Last Updated on 22/11/2014
(Year in P6)
2014 - 258
2013 - 258
2012 - 262
2011 - 260
2010 - 260
2009 - 261
2008 - 263
2007 - 264
2006 - 262

(Year entering Sec 1, COP* is inclusive of HMT bonus pts)
Dunman High's COP*
2015 - 255 (predicted)
2014 - 256
2013 - 256
2012 - 256
2011 - 256
2010 - 257
2009 - 258
2008 - 260
2007 - 260
2006 - 258
2005 - 258
2004 - 257

Hwa Chong Institution's COP*
2015 - 256 (predicted)
2014 - 256
2013 - 261
2012 - 258
2011 - 258
2010 - 257
2009 - 257
2008 - 259
2007 - 261
2006 - 260
2005 - 259
2004 - 259

River Valley High School's COP*
2015 - 252 (predicted)
2014 - 251
2013 - 256
2012 - 254
2011 - 254
2010 - 253
2009 - 251
2008 - 254
2007 - 254
2006 - 253
2005 - 253
2004 - 251

Raffles Institution's COP
2015 - 259 (predicted)
2014 - 259
2013 - 263
2012 - 261
2011 - 261
2010 - 259
2009 - 259
2008 - 262
2007 - 263
2006 - 261
2005 - 262
2004 - 262

Nanyang Girls' High School's COP*
2015 - 260 (predicted)
2014 - 261
2013 - 265
2012 - 262
2011 - 262
2010 - 262
2009 - 263
2008 - 263
2007 - 265
2006 - 262
2005 - 262
2004 - 261

Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)'s COP
2015 - 260 (predicted)
2014 - 259
2013 - 263
2012 - 261
2011 - 261
2010 - 260
2009 - 260
2008 - 263
2007 - 266
2006 - 264
2005 - 263
2004 - 263

National Junior College's COP
2015 - 255 (predicted)
2014 - 255
2013 - 259
2012 - 258
2011 - 258
2010 - 257
2009 - 257
2008 - 259

Victoria Junior College's IP COP
2015 - 251 (predicted)
2014 - 251
2013 - 252
2012 - 255

Catholic High's IP COP*
2015 - 251 (predicted)
2014 - 251
2013 - 252

Cedar Girls' IP COP
2015 - 252 (predicted)
2014 - 251
2013 - 254
2012 - 258

Singapore Chinese Girls' IP COP
2015 - 251 (predicted)
2014 - 251
2013 - 252

Posted on 19/9/2011

In the PSLE, the T-Score for each subject is calculated as T = 50 + 10 (raw mark of student - average mark of the whole cohort)/(standard deviation or spread of marks around the average mark). The PSLE Aggregate Score is the sum of the T-score of all 4 subjects. Clearly, at this juncture the average mark of the whole cohort for each subject and also the standard deviation are not known. Hence, I can only hazard a guess Lim Li's likely PSLE aggregate score. My estimation of the aggregate score is based on what Lim Min and Lim Jeck had scored in their Prelim Exams and their PSLE aggregate scores, and what Lim Li has scored in her recent Prelim Exam.

Lim Min's P6 Prelim Exam Results in 2006:
English 84
Chinese 91
Higher Chinese 75 (not included in Total score)
Mathematics 100
Science 94
Total score 369/400
PSLE aggregate score: 265, A* in Chinese, Mathematics and Science, A in English, Distinction in Higher Chinese.
2006 Highest PSLE score in Singapore: 281

Lim Jeck's P6 Prelim Exam Results in 2007:
English 79
Chinese 82
Mathematics 99
Science 94
Total score 354/400
PSLE aggregate score: 263, A* in Mathematics and Science, A in English and Chinese
2007 Highest PSLE score in Singapore: 294

Lim Li's P6 Prelim Exam Results in 2011:
English 72
Chinese 87
Mathematics 98
Science 88
Total score 345/400

My estimation for Lim Li's PSLE aggregate score is in the range 250-255. She is likely to score A* in Mathematics and Science, A in English and Chinese.

If this year's PSLE Mathematics paper is very tough, her aggregate score will probably be higher since Mathematics is her pet subject. However, if the Mathematics paper is very easy and English is very tough, then her aggregate score will likely be pulled down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lim Jeck , I would Like To Know if The Total That is Overall marks for PSLE Is over [400] . If i recieved 234 marks , am i able to to get in any school which is Normal Acad. or Express . Please Reply me As Faster as Possible ! TYVM ! ;D

LJ's mum said...

The PSLE aggregate score is calculated based on t-score (transformed-score) for each subject. Strictly speaking, there is no fixed maximum marks. However, to make things simple, you can assume that it is about 300 though it is not impossible to score more than 300 (so far it has not happened, the higest in PSLE history is 294). For 234, you can get into an Express stream.

Anonymous said...

So I might have the Chance Getting into schools which are Express ? But The Overall Marks is Over 400 Right . I'm sorry to ask u so many questions as i am just a Primary 5 Girl who wants to know more about PSLE . Ty Lim jeck's Mum ! :D

Anonymous said...

So , I just have to work more harder in P6 To get a much better Result in PSLE . TY Lim Jeck's Mum.

Anonymous said...

I hope U Will Not Mind if a Comment More In here as Ur son's website is Very useful and Helpful To me ! Ty Lim Jeck and Lim jeck's Mum ! Wish Me luck In Next Years PSLE ! ;D

LJ's mum said...

Yes the overall marks is upon 400 just like your school exam. However the PSLE aggregate score is not. A quick estimation is to use your P6 prelim exam overall marks to multiply by 3/4. All the best to you in your PSLE next year :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim Jeck , I will like to find out how to calculate the PSLE Aggregat Score for PSLE for my son's result :

English = 88
Chinese = 92
Maths = 97
Science = 84
Total Score = 361/400
2011 Top Singapore PSLE Score = 283

How much will my son roughly score for his PSLE exam 2012 in he maintains this result?

Hope you can assist.

Lim Li's mum said...

My estimation is: 260-265.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim Jeck, do you think the cut-off point for Hwa Chong Institution this year would increase, or would it stay the same?
Hope you can assist.

Anonymous said...

hi if my psle score is like this

then what is my psle score

Anonymous said...

Please help me ASAP!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi... if my psle score is like this... how much wld i get for the aggregate score?

English: 75
Mathematics: 85
Science : 85
Monther Tongue: 92

Anonymous said...

im takin psle this year, so pls help. the score i provided is what i thin i wld probably get... thnxs

Anonymous said...

Hi LJ and Mum , I am currently taking PSLE this year (2012) , i feel that after each year passes, the subjects get even more harder.My mum has been nagging at me for my results are really badly done. I've received 60++ for all my subjects. My aunts and uncles have all been nagging to me to get into Express. Do you think i might stand a chance?

Ng Bee Yong said...

Hi Anonymous on 15 & 16 August,
A very rough estimate of PSLE score is to use your total x 0.75

Hi Anonymous on 29 August,
I agree with you that the papers get harder and harder each year. Based on your results, I think you are likely to get 19x to 20x. There is a good chance that you will get into Express. However, you can get higher PSLE score if you work hard from now on. So, please start to 'chiong' for your PSLE!

Anonymous said...

May I know Wat school u r from I m a teacher n I could help u with this

ximin said...

Hi Lim Li's mum, please help to estimate the following results:-
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi lime li's mum, pls help me to estimate my psle results
My prelim results


Lim Li's mum said...

Hi ximin, congrats, you did pretty well for your prelims. My estimation will be 265-275.

Hi Anonymous @ 12 Sep 22:46, my estimation will be 210-220. Please work harder for your PSLE to achieve better results! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim Li's mum, can you please help to estimate the following results?
English - 74
Maths - 52.5
Science - 67
Chinese - 84.5
Thanks :)

Lim Li's mum said...

Hi Anonymous 16 Sep,
My estimation is 200-210. It is important to do well for Math, to get a high T-score. Please work hard for the coming PSLE, and you will achieve good results!

Crystal said...

Hi there, can I have an estimate of the psle t score of
English 66
Math 61
Chinese 78
Science 57

Thank u

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do u have an estimate of the below:
English : 75
Chinese: 83
Math: 60
Science: 72.5


Anonymous said...

If my Prelim score is like this then what will be my rough estimated PSLE aggregate:
English: 75

Lim Li's mum said...

A rough estimation:
Crystal 195 - 205
Anonymous 22 Sep 15:29 215 - 225
Anonymous 23 Sep 9:04 240 - 250

I sincerely hope all of you will get a score which is higher than my estimation. All the best to your PSLE!

Anonymous said...

Hi if I get the following scores,how much would my aggregate score be?
English: 75
Math: 80
Chinese :76
Pls reply ASAP!!!!i wanna set my aim.i need to get 241 to get into my dream school

Viviangay said...

Hi if I get the following scores, how much would my aggregate score be?
Math 76
Science :77
Pls reply as soon as possible as my PSLE is coming need to set my aim!!!!!!!!!!!!!i need to get 241 and above to get into my dream school

Anonymous said...

My son never do well in English. If he gets only 49 for English, MT 75, math 60 & science 55. Will he be able to pass his PSLE? What likely will his score be?

Anonymous said...

These are my results in the Prelim exams


I got an aggregate of 264 in the prelim.

Here are my estimations for my PSLE SCORES

EL:92(srsly easy paper)
MA:92(Reason? lost 7 marks. 1 mark "lost' for safety)

What do you think my score would be?

Ann said...

Hey, could you please help me estimate my PSLE score? :)

English: 80
Chinese: 73
Maths: 86
Science: 65

kiasustudent said...

hi if I get the below ssores how much will I get?
Set 1

and if I get this set of results...
Set 2

and a few more question sry how ''rough'' is taking yourr score /400 x 0.75 wht is the mark gap? is there a 10m,5m diff? :/

I am taking 2012 psle

amny thanjs!

Halcyon Carousel! said...

Hi , i got
eng- 58
for my prelims , what will my PSLE aggregate score be?

Xuan said...

hello! i'm a rosythian. as you do know, rosyth papers are a little harder than the average national standard, so could you please help me to estimate and tally my designated psle score based on my prelims?

english: 72
math: 59
chinese: 65
science: 65
total: 261/400

Xuan said...

sorry, i mean i got 60 for math.

thanks in advance, lim jeck's mum! :)

Lim Li's mum said...

Hi all,

A rough estimate is your prelim (upon 400) x 0.75. You may plus or minus up to 20 pts depending on your school. E.g. Taonan, NYPS, Rosyth, Rulang, you can add 15-20 pts, for average neighborhood school, minus 10-15 pts. The best reference is your seniors' (from same primary school) prelim vs PSLE results, then you will roughly know how many points to add or deduct.

Xuan said...

one of my seniors, who made it to nanyang girls high school, achieved a 261 in the prelims, but a 258 in psle. :/ thanks anyway! so i would get like 215 D:

Anonymous said...

Lim jeck mum my prelim score is very bad so this my mark maths 50 english is 52 chinese is 41 my science i got 31 so whats my aggregate score?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim jeck's mom, i would like to find out how many marks my daughter would at least score for PSLE if she got these marks for her prelims
Chinese -89
Science -85
Her PSLE is already over but she is still worried about her marks. We hope that your reply can get us mentally prepared for 22 november:)
Thank you and pls reply soon
(you can address me as Sandy or Mrs Lee, to avoid confusion with other "anonymous"es

Anonymous said...

Hi Lim jeck's mom,
I would like to know how much my daughter would at least score for her PSLE if she scored these marks for her prelims
Maths -92
Chinese -89
Science -85.
Even though PSLE is over, my daughter is still worried about her marks. Just hope that your reply can get us mentally prepared for 22 November.. :)

Thanks. And please reply soon
(you can address me as Mrs Lee / Sandy, just to avoid confusion with other "anonymous"es. )

Ng Bee Yong said...

Hi Mrs Lee,

I see that your daughter's marks are quite close to Lim Li (my younger daughter)'s prelim exam marks. Well, Lim Li got 253 for PSLE. Assuming your daughter is studying in a typical neighbourhood primary school, I think she should be getting 25x.

All the best to your daughter in getting into her dream school :)

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks for replying, Lim Jeck's Mum :)
-Mrs Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi! Wat a great blog. Can i as k a tough question here. IS there any relation between a child performance in P4 as compared to P6. Child does very well in P4 sci (92-96)but moderate for math (83-89) for P4. If there is link, what do you think will be the average score when come to PSLE for such student?

Anonymous said...

Hi hi! Do you happen to know how the overall T-score is calculated if a candidate takes a combination of standard and foundation subjects? The SD would be different, how would MOE combine the scores in a comparable manner?

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know how much will I get 4 my PSLE if I scored this 4 my prelim
Thank you!:)
--Jeselyn(PSLE student 2012)--

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know what i would get for my PSLE if i scored:
EL: 85
MT: 88
Maths: 94
Mdm Leow

Pavanraj Selvaraju said...

Could you also help me with the T-scores?

English- 85
Tamil- 86
Science- 90
Maths- 100

Ng Bee Yong said...

Hello Jeselyn, Pavanraj and Mdm Leow, the prelim results posted look good. There should be no problem to get >250, all the best to you/your kid and hope this coming Thursday, you will receive PSLE T-scores of >260 :)

Pavanraj Selvaraju said...

What if I got these results in PSLE?

English: 85
Tamil: 86

Could you tell me a more specific range? I know that it is no problem for me to take 250 but what about 260 or something.

Anonymous said...

You may get more than 265 and Don't worry too much....

LJ's mum said...

Hi Pavanraj Selvaraju, you should be able to do well, I believe you can score >260.

Geraldine said... many marks will i gt for psle if i gt tis for prelim?

Ian Lee said...

Hi, my name is Ian, my prelim result is 284 according to this , am I able to get into express stream, please reply me ASAP because I really worried about my result������, even when I sleep, ��I'm really really
Thank You��☺��

Anonymous said...

I scored 262 for psle 2012. I am a mark above the rgs cut off point. Do you think i can get into rgs?

Liu Yifang said...

Hi lim jeck's mum, can you help to estimate my psle score below:

eng: 74

Liu Yifang said...

and higher chinese: 71
thanks very much

Yang Min, July said...

Hi Lim Li's mum,

Can you estimate the psle score for this:

Eng: 76
Maths: 98
Sci: 89.5
Higher MT: 75
MT: 87
Thank you,
Yang Min, July