Saturday 3 September 2011

SMO 2011 Prize Presentation Ceremony

This is posted by LJ's mum

Lim Jeck with Guest of Honour Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister of State for Education and Defence

Singapore Team to the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad

Clarence Chew (from Tao Nan Primary, who is ranked 28th in SMO Junior) and Lim Li

Lim Jeck has requested to use the SMO prize money to buy a notebook PC. So how much did he win?

SMO Senior Individual 1st - $500
SMO Senior Team 2nd - $600/3 = $200
SMO Open Individual 1st - $600
SMO Open Team 2nd - $700/3 = $233.33
IMO Gold = $1000
Total = $2533.33 (budget)

We will be going to COMEX 2011 (IT Show/PC Show) tomorrow ...

Afternote: Bought the following HP notebook PC at COMEX for $799 :)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to LJ. It is really great to know his passion in maths.

Btw, is it allowed in NUS high to complete the diploma within the stipulated 6 years? That is if the student fulfils all the module requirements say within 5 years, will they give him/her the diploma within 5 years itself?