Monday 26 November 2012

Dining at Yunnan View Restaurant

Pasir Ris Park Outing

We went Pasir Ris Park yesterday morning with Dorothea & hubby, Jansen & Jaren, Meng Ai & hubby, Choong Yin & Ying Yi, Sudha & hubby, Surya and Ilakya. We had fun cycling (rental at $5 per hr, free 1 hr), playing cards & iPads, swinging in playground and chatting. It rained at about 12.30 pm and we proceeded to lunch at Whitesands' Kopitiam foodcourt. After more chatting (adults) and iPad game playing (kids), we left at about 2.30 pm.

Lim Li, Lim Jeck, Choong Yin, Ying Yi
Choong Yin, Ying Yi, Lim Li, Lim Min, Lim Jeck
Dorothea, Meng Ai, Jaren, Jansen

Friday 16 November 2012

Year 5 Semester 2 Progress Report

Lim Jeck's Year 5 Semester 2 results are as follows:

CL5102 Chinese 5B B-
CM5106 Inorganic and Electrochemistry B+
CS5102 Data Structures and Algorithms A+
EL5101 Language in Society II B
PC5201 Physics Olympiad V A+
PC5401 Calculus-based Mechanics I A+
PC5403 Calculus-based EMM I A+

Semestral Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.1
Cumulative Average Point (CAP): 4.4

Mentor's Remarks: Jeck is a well-behaved student with a quiet disposition. An exceptionally bright student with highly commendable talent and ability in Mathematics and Computing, Jeck has exhibited strong competencies in his academic studies. He is also willing to lend a helping hand to his classmates and hence, well-received by his peers.
Conduct: Very Good

Year 1 Semester 2 Progress Report

Lim Li's Year 1 Semester 2 results are as follows:

BL1106 Basic Cell Biology B
CL1102 Chinese 1B A-
CM1106 Foundation Chemistry I A
DV2103 Science Presentations -Merit-
EL1106 Developing Language and Literary Skills II B+
IH1103 Identities, Histories and Societies B
MA1111 Foundation Mathematics II A+
MA3206V Advanced Mathematical Olympiad Training III A+
PC1110 Foundation Physics I A+

Semestral Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.4 (out of 5)
Cumulative Average Point (CAP): 4.5 (out of 5)

Mentor's Remarks: Lim Li is a bubbly and outspoken girl. She is naturally inquisitive, bright and able to learn new concepts easily. With focus and opportunity, she has the ability to excel in her Mathematics and Sciences. It would be good if she can be more meticulous in her work.
Conduct: Very Good

Monday 12 November 2012


The buckyballs  (prize from Brilliant Math Challenge) consist of 216 powerful magnets
Lim Li holding the bear-shape buckyballs that she has created
Tessellated buckyballs created by Lim Li
Lim Jeck holding the diamond-shape buckyballs that he has created

Thursday 1 November 2012

Brilliant Math Challenge Prizes

We have received the prizes. Thanks to The Brilliant Team, for organising the Brilliant Fall Math Challenge. My kids have had great fun taking part in this online competition, and they are looking forward to participating in the next competition :)

Lim Jeck's prizes, for being 2nd in Live Challenge and Regional top 10 in the 5th Week Challenge. There is a scholarship of US$1500 which will be sent to the school.
Lim Min's prizes, for being Regional top 10 in the 5th Week Challenge.